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Discover The Sacred Entombments In Blasphemous 2

The Sacred Entombments is a dark and gloomy place filled with mud, bones, and corpses in Blasphemous 2.

It’s a dangerous location, yet the Sacred Entombments in Blasphemous 2 hold much power. To go on from this area and continue their journey, the Penitent One must face its obstacles.

This article will examine the details of Sacred Entombment in Blasphemous 2 and the collectibles there.

What Is Sacred Entombments In Blasphemous 2?

Sacred Entombments is one of the areas in Blasphemous 2.

Furthermore, a sizable underground catacomb contains the faithful’s mummified remains.

To find the Great Preceptor Radames, a formidable boss who guards the entrance to the following area, the Penitent One must search this location.

Additionally, it houses the Veredicto, a giant flail that can smash some sculptures and produce sound waves.

To lower the amount of muck, activate bells, and unlock new passageways in this region, the player will need to utilize the Veredicto.

Moreover, the player must find and defeat numerous enemies, items, and secrets in Sacred Entombments.

However, the Sacred Entombments is a challenging region, filled with traps and enemies.

Therefore, the Penitent One must use all their skills to survive.

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How To Discover Sacred Entombments?

The Sacred Entombments are situated in Blasphemous 2’s Aqueduct of the Costales region.

You must first arrive at the Aqueduct of the Costales to locate it. You can accomplish this by going in the direction of the Severance.

Moreover, you must locate the entrance to the Sacred Entombments after you are within the Aqueduct of the Costales.

A huge space with a central pool of water houses the entryway. The doorway is concealed by a vine-covered wall on the room’s left side.

You must use the Passage of Ash ability to unlock the door.

You can get this skill by beating the Guardian of the Waters, the Aqueduct of the Costales’ boss.

Once you have opened the entrance, you can enter the Sacred Entombments.

The Sacred Entombments is a large, underground catacomb filled with traps and enemies.

Blasphemous 2 sacred entombments
Once you enter the gate, you will find an area of the floor that appears to be covered in mud.

You can explore this area and find many secrets, collectibles, and enemies.

To locate Veredicto once you get to the Sacred Entombments, stick to the steps listed below:

  • Through the entrance to the left, enter the Entombments.
  • Continue moving left, looking for the arms that could emerge from the sand and the floating skull boxes.
  • You’ll eventually come to a Prie Dieu. Take a break here before moving on to the left.

You can also use the Veredicto to lower the mud level, activate bells, and open new paths in this area.

Items At Sacred Entombment In Blasphemous 2

There are several collectibles to find in the Sacred Entombments, which are as follows:

  • Veredicto Weapon: A mighty sword that can inflict heavy damage.
  • Unfinished Lullaby Quest Item: This item is needed to complete the Unfinished Lullaby quest.
  • Yerna NPC: This NPC can help you in the boss fight against Great Preceptor Radames.
  • Ornate Chalice: This item can be purchased from merchants.
  • Cloth Of The Old Woman Quest Item: This item is needed to complete the Cloth of the Old Woman quest.
  • Forgotten Tribute: This item can be used to purchase an exceptional Rosary Bead.
  • Happy New Year Trophy: This can be earned by ringing the bell 12 times.
  • Passage Of Ash Abilities: The Penitent One can move through walls and ceilings.

However, players must watch out for the traps. It would be best to watch for concealed traps because several are in the area.

Furthermore, the Penitent One has several skills and abilities that they can use to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

The Sacred Entombments include a wealth of secrets and hidden collectibles.

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The Bottom Line

The Sacred Entombments is a challenging region in Blasphemous 2, filled with traps and enemies.

Furthermore, it is a place of mystery and intrigue. The Penitent One must solve the puzzles and uncover the secrets of this region.

Once you enter the region, you can dig in more to find various potent collectibles.

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