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Solving Blood Circle Configuration In BG3

Blood Circle Configuration is a task at the Helsik’s Room in BG3.

Unfortunately, many players are unsure of the technique and are looking for the items.

Blood Circle Configuration is the ritual existing in the Free Orpheus mission at the House Of Hope. Players must arrange Infernal Marble, Skull, Coin of Mammon, Diamond and Incense to open the Devil’s Fee Portal.

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What Is Blood Circle Configuration In BG3?

Blood Circle Configuration is one of the rituals players can perform in the game.

The Blood Circle Configuration event occurs in the House of House at the Helsik’s Room.

Moreover, this event is one of the personal quests and the first objectives of the Free Orpheus missions, presented by Raphael.

Players can unlock the mission in Act 3 just after leaving the Astral Plane.

If players are disinterested in saving Orpheus, they can take the side of the Emperor in the mission.

How To Solve Blood Circle Configuration Ritual?

If players are trying to solve the Blood Circle Configuration in the quest, follow the procedure;

1. Collect The Items

Players will need five different sites to solve the ritual in the House Of Hope.

So be sure to search Infernal Marble, Skull, Coin of Mammon, Diamond and Incense.

Moreover, players can buy the items from Helsik, the vendor in the Devil’s Fee or simply steal the Ritual Pouch behind her back.

Pickpocket in bg3
Pickpocket the Vendor in the Devil’s Fee.

In addition, the pouch will probably contain all of the items to complete the ritual.

If players have not got all the items, they can get them while exploring Canduhallow’s Tombstone or searching chests in the Devil’s Fee.

Canduhallow's Tombstone
Search Canduhallow’s Tombstone.

Players can also buy some items from the vendor and get a letter from her that helps to solve the puzzle.

2. Find A Way 

Players must find a way to Raphael’s House of Hope to enter the ritual area.

When players come across a trap, they can use water or alcohol to destroy it quickly, so wasting other precious abilities is unnecessary.

Furthermore, players can use Helsik’s key or the lockpick to unlock the door.

After passing through the door, players will reach a room filled with blood on the floor known as the Helsik Room.

fish people bg3
Search for Helsik’s room in the House Of Hope.

3. Solve Blood Circle Configuration

Players should start the ritual and place all five in the correct items after entering Helsik’s room.

If players have the key given by the vendor in the reception area of the Devil’s Fee, it will help to place the items in an order.

blood circle configuration letter
Read the letter to solve the puzzle.

To place the objects, simply search for the item in the inventory and drag in the Blood Circle Configuration.

The placed items will glow if they are in the correct place.

After the four-item glows, place the Infernal Item in the middle to form a portal.

Fom portal after arranging the items.

Players can use the portal to engage in further quests or to continue the current mission.

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The Bottom Line

Blood Circle Configuration BG3 is a pentagram puzzle in the Devil’s Fee.

Players will need five unique items: Infernal Marble, Skull, Coin of Mammon, Diamond and Incense to complete the puzzle.

The best way to get all the items at once is by stealing Helsik’s Ritual pouch, but it will not contain letters to guide the players.

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