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Blooming Drow Head In BG3: What Can You Do With It?

Blooming Drow Head is a mysterious item that you can obtain after completing a side quest in the Underdark in BG3.

However, many players are clueless about what to do with this unusual item in the game.

The Blooming Drow Head is an interesting item that has some potential uses in BG3. You can place it in the Chest of the Mundane and pull it back out to transform it back into Nere’s head.

In this article, we will explain everything about Blooming Drow Head, how to get it and what can you do with it.

What Is Blooming Drow Head In BG3?

The Blooming Drow Head is an item that you can obtain in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It is the severed head of Nere, a drow assassin who works for the Absolute, a mysterious and powerful entity.

Moreover, the head has a strange fungal growth that makes it look like a flower.

nere character in bg3
Nere is one of the characters in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Get Blooming Drow Head In BG3?

You can encounter Nere in the Underdark, a vast network of caverns and tunnels beneath the surface of Faerûn.

He will attack you on sight unless you are also a follower of the Absolute or a drow yourself.

If you manage to defeat Nere, you can take his head as a trophy and bring it to Spaw, a Myconid sovereign.

blooming drow head bg3
The Blooming Drow head is covered with fungal growths in BG3, Image source: Reddit

Spaw will reward you with some gold and a rare mushroom called the Sussur Bloom, which can grant you a powerful boon or curse depending on your choices.

However, if you rest after delivering Nere’s head to Spaw, you will find that the head has transformed into a Blooming Drow Head.

Similarly, this Drow Head is covered with fungal growths and spores.

What Can You Do With Blooming Drow Head In BG3?

The Blooming Drow Head is marked as a quest item, but its exact purpose and function are not clear yet.

As for what you can do with the Blooming Drow Head, there are not many options available at the moment.

  • You can try to use it as an item in your inventory, but it will not have any noticeable effect.
  • Additionally, you can try to talk to it, but it will not respond or give you any clues.
  • Also, you can try to show it to other characters in the game, but most of them will either ignore it or react with disgust or fear.
  • The only exception is Spaw, who will thank you again for bringing him the head and offer you another Sussur Bloom if you want.

The Blooming Drow Head is one of the many mysteries and secrets that the game offers.

It is possible that it will be revealed or explained in a future update or expansion of the game, as it is still in early access and not fully completed. 

Until then, players can only experiment and explore with the Blooming Drow Head.

Moreover, they can share their findings and experiences with others online.

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Speculations And Theories About Blooming Drow Head

There are some speculations and theories about the Blooming Drow Head among the players and fans of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Some think that it might be related to a future quest or event involving the Absolute or the Society of Brilliance.

Others suggest that it might have some hidden effects or interactions with certain characters or locations in the game.

Some even wonder if it might be possible to revive Nere using it either as an ally or an enemy.

However, none of these possibilities have been confirmed or proven by the developers or the game itself.

The Bottom Line

There might be more possibilities for the Blooming Drow Head in the future, as the game is still being developed and updated.

Maybe there will be new quests or events that will involve the Blooming Drow Head in some way.

Additionally, there might be new characters or locations that will recognize or react to the Blooming Drow Head differently.

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