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Glowing Blue Tree In Palworld: Location For Skill Fruit

While navigating through different locations in Palworld, players will encounter an attractive tree called Glowing Blue Tree.

This Glowing Blue tree bears some fruits that unlock new powers for your Pals in Palworld.

Moreover, players can feed this fruit to their pals to unlock new powers and make them learn new skills instantly.

Continue reading to learn more about the Glowing Blue Tree and to know the location of Skill Fruit.

What Is Glowing Blue Tree In Palworld?

In Palworld, players must enhance their Pal’s ability and strength to progress through the game and face stronger challenges.

Moreover, Pals can acquire new skills or abilities to enhance their combat capabilities, working speed, etc.

Hence, to learn new advanced skills and moves instantly, Palworld offers some special consumable items for players’ Pals.

Glowing blue trees are the trees that grow in various spots on Palpagos Island and offer some special fruits.

Glowing Blue Tree in Palworld
Glowing Blue Tree provides Skill Fruits for your Pals in Palworld.

This tree bears some special fruits like Skill Fruit which will let players get special Pal moves in Palworld.

Similarly, players can get these special fruits for their favorite Pals in the game and feed them to teach a new skill.

In the game, each Glowing Blue Tree drops 3 Skill Fruits for players to loot.

Moreover, these Skill Fruits are not limited by the elemental type of the Pal and offer flexibility in skill acquisition.

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Obtaining Palworld Skill Fruits From Blue Tree

Blue Tree with the skill fruits are scattered throughout the map providing players with opportunities to enhance their Pals’ abilities.

Palworld Skill Fruit
Players obtaining Skill Fruit in Palpagos Island.

Further, players can discover some Skill Trees growing in the below-mentioned locations in Palworld.

1. Archipelago

Small Cove waypoint, is the starting point for players to embark on their journey to find the first Skill Tree.

Further, this waypoint at the bottom half of the map will take players to the Seabreeze Archipelago.

Pallworld Skill Fruit Locations Archipelago
Most of the Skill fruits are located in the central Archipelago.

From this Small Cove waypoint, players must swim across the water, climb onto the plateau, and turn left.

Overall, players can find 10 Skill Trees on the Archipelago, and the most available Skill Fruits in these locations are Electric and Ice Skill Fruit.

2. Small Settlement

The second location to obtain the Skill Fruit tree is west of the Small Settlement.

Upon reaching the Small Settlement, head west and climb the mountain.

Payers will find the Skill Fruit Tree surrounded by red foliage trees at the very top of the mountain.

3. Marsh Island

Players can find Skill Fruits tree in Marsh Island in a hidden cove so head to the Marsh Island waypoint. 

Moreover, fast travel to the waypoint near the far east side of the map and climb up the mountain.

Players will encounter a hole here, jump inside it, and get the Skill Fruit from the Tree.

4. Volcano

Players must navigate Mount Obsidian, Fast Travel to the Ruined Fortress Waypoint, and head south.

Then, climb the tower, and from the plateau, players need to head to the west to find the Skill Fruit Tree.

However, players need to make some effort as navigating through Mount Obsidian is not an easy task.

How To Get Skill Fruits In Palworld?

In the Palworld Game, if players want to obtain the Skill Fruits for their Pals, they must be around level 40.

Upon locating and collecting Skill Fruits, players might travel to different biomes.

Further, here is the guide that players can follow to obtain the Skill Fruits in Palworld.

  1. Players will encounter many Skill Fruits in Palworld as they progress through the map.
  2. Once, you find Glowing Blue Tree, approach it and press the key E on the keyword.
  3. Then, interacting with the Glowing Blue Tree adds Skill Fruit to your inventory.
  4. Open your inventory and right-click on the Skill Fruit to select it.
  5. This will open up another menu that displays all the available Pals to the players.
  6. Navigate through a list of available Pals and select the Pal to use the Skill Fruit.
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