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Planets In Lethal Company: Explore Secrets And Challenges

In Lethal Company, players have to face the challenges of exploring various Planets.

The game features at least eight planets or Moons that players can travel and build their bases.

Planets are also called Moons in Lethal Company and have different names and conditions. Each planet has its own unique features and challenges, such as gravity, atmosphere, weather, creatures, and secrets.

In this article, we will explore everything about the Planets in Lethal Company.

Planets In Lethal Company

Planets in Lethal Company are the main locations where the game takes place.

Similarly, Planets are challenging environments that players must explore to gather scrap metal and survive.

Each planet has unique characteristics making players need to adapt their strategies and tactics accordingly.

In the game, they are called Moons, which orbit larger planets or stars.

Each planet has a different environment, creature, and hazard that the player has to deal with.

planets lethal company
Players are exploring Planets in Lethal Company.
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Overview Of Planets In Lethal Company

There are currently eight Planets in Lethal Company as of the latest update.

Moreover, these Planets are procedurally generated; they differ each time you play the game.

The Planets are divided into three tiers based on their difficulty level and are given below:

Tier 1 Planets

These are the easiest planets to explore in the game. They are a good starting point for new players.

There are five Planets in Tier 1:

1. Experimentation

It is a dry and arid moon with few species and is the first planet available to players with low gravity and a thin atmosphere.

Likewise, it has a hazard level of B, which means easy to explore.

2. Assurance

It is a rugged and weathered moon with territorial creatures with a hazard level of D, which means it is the easiest to explore.

Moreover, it is similar to Experimentation but younger and more challenging. 

3. Vow

It is a lush and diverse moon with abundant plant life and has a hazard level of C, which means it is moderately difficult to explore.

Similarly, it has a high gravity and breathable atmosphere and can be unlocked after completing the quota on Assurance.

4. Offense

It is a jagged and hostile Planet with aggressive lifeforms. Likewise, it has a hazard level of C, similar to Vow, which means it is moderately difficult to explore.

Additionally, it has a very high gravity and a toxic atmosphere. Likewise, it is unlocked after completing the quota on Vow.

5. March

It is a frozen and stormy planet with blizzards and avalanches.

Likewise, it is the coldest and most isolated planet in the game.

Similarly, it has a low gravity and a dense atmosphere and is unlocked after completing the quota on Offense.

Tier 2 Planets

These planets are more difficult than Tier 1 Planets and contain more hazardous environments and creatures.

1. Rend

It is a frozen, rocky moon with constant blizzards that orbits a white dwarf star and is inhospitable for complex life. 

Furthermore, it has a hazard level of A, which is very difficult to explore.

2  Dine

It is one of the hardest Planets with a hazard level of S in the game, as the environment is low visibility, loud, and foggy.

Likewise, it is the most secretive and mysterious planet in the game, with strange and mysterious creatures.

3. Titan

It is the most challenging Planet with a hazard level of S+ and is only recommended for experienced players with high skill levels.

However, it is unlocked after completing the quota on Dine. However, Titan can be a rewarding and exciting place to explore.

foggy environment lethal company
This is the most challenging Planet, Titan.

Tier 3 Planets

These are the most difficult planets to explore and contain dangerous environments and creatures.

Players can unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 Planets by meeting specific requirements as they reach certain levels or missions.

The Tier 3 Planets are hidden and can only be unlocked by completing specific challenges or secrets.

The Bottom Line

Lethal Company invites players to explore the planets with different difficulty levels and challenges.

The game tests the players’ skills, equipment, and teamwork and uncovers the secrets of each planet.

So let’s explore the challenging environment of Lethal Company by surviving on different planets with unique features.

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