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Hide And Seek Extreme In Phasmophobia: Challenge Guide

Hide and seek Extreme is one of the challenges in Phasmophobia.

Moreover, the challenges reset in a week; hence, players have limited time to complete the challenge.

Hide and seek Extreme is a weekly challenge where players must find three ghost types by collecting various pieces of Evidence before death in the  Camp Woodwind map of Phasmophobia.

Continue reading to explore Hide and seek extreme challenges in Phasmophobia.

What Is Hide And Seek Extreme?

Hide and seek Phasmophobia is among the 26 challenges players can engage.

Players must take on the challenge and complete the required objectives in Camo Woodwind.

Camp Woodwind may be a relatively small map location; however, it is filled with many hidden spots with horrific creatures.

Unfortunatley, during this challenge, there will be fewer hidden spots to make the task more challenging.

In the Extreme challenge, players must find three ghost types in Woodwind.

hide and seek extreme
Players must identify three ghost types in the Hide and seek Extreme challenge.

Players will also be credited with whooping $5000 for survival and completing the challenge.

Unfortunately, players will have no skill to figure out ghosts, no sanity, no evidence, no defensive items and low movement speed.

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How To Complete Phasmophobia Hide And Seek Extreme?

Here is a step-by-step procedure to complete the Hide and seek: EXTREME challenge mode in Phasmophobia;

1. Pick Items

During any of the weekly challenges that reset every monday, players cannot take any times they have achieved through progression.

So, players must choose items available in the storage, usually limited to completing the Challenge Mode.

list of items phasmophobia
Use the items to collect Evidence and boost survival time.

Players can find items including notebooks, UV lights, cameras and other essential items to explore the Woodwind.

2. Collect Evidence

Secondly, players should collect the Evidence using EMF Reader, Ultraviolet, Ghost Writing, Spirit Box or Ghost Orb.

Players should use the hiding spots and acknowledge the movement and sound of the ghost.

Unfortunatley, there is just a single hiding spot where ghosts can kill players at any time; hence, they must be careful.

collect evidence in phasmophobia
Use the hiding spot and collect Evidence.

Moreover, players can find the ghost room and collect Evidence to know the exact ghost type.

After collecting the Evidence and hearing the movement speed, players will know the Ghost Type.

Players can edit, cross or tick the type they feel the ghost is on the notebook.

Players with a higher grave period can collect more Evidence before ghosts can find them.

3. Head To Control Room

After players have an idea and enough Evidence, they can head to the control unit and verify the ghost.

hide and seek extreme phasmophobia
Identify ghost type in the control room.

If players identify the ghost, they can start the new case; otherwise, players should continue the same case and identify the ghost.

After finding each ghost type, players will also receive a bonus depending upon the completion and Evidence.

The Bottom Line

Playing the Hide and Seek: Extreme may be quite annoying, considering players have limited items with no defensive utilities.

Thankfully, players can repeatedly repeat the challenge and collect the bonuses until they name the ghost.

If players cannot complete the challenge in multiple tries, they can skip it as it is a weekly optional challenge.

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