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Toe Of Frog Ingredient In Phasmophobia Halloween Event

Phasmophobia has introduced a new Halloween event for 2023, where you need to find recipe cards.

Further, you should brew a potion with 9 different recipe ingredients. They are scattered throughout the Maple Lodge Campsite.

In Phasmophobia, the toe of frog is one of the nine recipe ingredients you need to find. After you collect all the ingredients, the event will be complete, rewarding you with a Halloween trophy.

Continue reading to learn more about the toe of frog in Phasmophobia.

Toe Of Frog In Phasmophobia: An Overview

The toe of frog is one of the ingredients you should cook along with other ingredients in the Cauldron.

Further, to get the toe of frog you must first interact with the Voodoo doll. 

Toe of frog in Phasmophobia.
Voodoo doll found on top of computer.

The Voodoo doll is on top of the computer, which you can pick and dump in the cauldron.

Further, the Ridgeview Court is the recipe card that indicates you need to collect the toe of frog. 

However, the pumpkin is somewhat tricky to find and is located in the basement on the left. 

Ridgeview Court pumpkin in the basement.
Ridgeview Court pumpkin in the basement.

You only need one toe of frog to put in the Cauldron according to the recipe.

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Toe Of Frog Location In Phasmophobia

The toe of Frog is located in the Maple Lodge Campsite map, along with other ingredients.

You can find the toe of frog at the Lobby desk in the lobby right after you enter the building.

Moreover, it can be easily located as soon as you walk in.

Toe of frog location in Phasmophobia.
The toe of frog location in Phasmophobia.

The voodoo doll indicates the toe of frog, as shown in the recipe card.

You can easily pick the turquoise plushie from the table and throw it in the Cauldron.

All Ingredients Location For Phasmophobia Halloween Event

There are a total of nine recipe ingredients that you should collect after you get the recipe cards.

To complete the Halloween event and get the trophy, you must collect all the recipe cards and ingredients.

There is a ghost that can chase you while looking for the ingredients.

However, if you don’t want to deal with the ghost, you can enable friendly ghost mode from the settings.

Furthermore, the order in which you collect ingredients doesn’t affect the event completion.

So you can collect the items in any order. And you can only carry two things at a time along with your flashlight.

Here’s a list of all the ingredients you must collect for the event.

1Toe of frogLobby deskVoodoo Doll
2Jar of mindLobby coffee tableBrain Jar
3Deaths rot Staff areaRotten Apples
4Love's blossomCabin lakesideFlower
5Bowl of grinsCabinBowl of teeth
6Screaming SkullsCampsite B campfireSkull
7Sack of beansNear cauldronBeanbags
8Eyes of bearCampsite A bathroom sinkEyeballs
9Light in the darkYour handFlashlight

After you collect all the ingredients, put them in the Cauldron that has a green goo in it.

Dumping all the ingredients in the Cauldron with green goo in it.
Dumping all the ingredients in the Cauldron with green goo in it.

You should strictly follow the recipe card and only put the amount of items according to it.

Otherwise, nothing will happen, and you’ll have to start again from the beginning.

However, after you collect the ingredients from their location you need to only put the amount mentioned in the recipe.

Halloween animation that shows after you complete the event.
Halloween animation that shows after you complete the event.

Then, the Halloween event will be complete. And you’ll be rewarded with the Halloween trophy and special badge.

The Bottom Line

In the Phasmophobia Halloween event, you need one toe of frog for the recipe to brew in the Cauldron.

The voodoo doll found on top of the computer denotes the toe of frog that you can pick.

Moreover, after collecting all the ingredients, you can easily complete the Halloween event.

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