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How To Trick Or Treat In Halloween Event Of Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing, players look at how to trick or treat at the Halloween event to earn valuable rewards. 

During the trick-or-treat event, players meet with villagers to share candy and earn unique prizes.

To master the trick or treat in Animal Crossing, stock up on candy from Nook’s Cranny. Next, dress up in a spooky costume and meet the villagers at 5 p.m. in the plaza. If you trick them, your appearance will change, but if you treat them, you will get awesome rewards.

Continue reading to find the steps to trick or treat during the Halloween event in Animal Crossing.

How To Trick Or Treat In Animal Crossing?

The New Horizons Halloween event in Animal Crossing is when you can welcome the ghostly spirits.

It is a great time to dress up in a scary outfit, mimic ghostly characters, and gather candy to enjoy the Halloween Party.

At the heart of this celebration, players must follow the tradition of trick or treat in Animal Crossing.

1. Stock Up On Candy In Animal Crossing

You will need an ample supply of candy to master trick or treat in Animal Crossing.

From October 1st onwards, you can buy one piece of candy daily from Nook’s Cranny to increase your candy.

Furthermore, you can buy a piece of candy daily if you share your island with multiple residents in Animal Crossing.

Visit Friend’s Island For Candy

The trick to get more candy is to visit your friend’s island and purchase candy from their Nook’s Cranny shop.

Hence, the more you get your hands on the candy, the more you can maximize your rewards.

Therefore, you must stock up on more candies early in the month before the Halloween event.

2. Dress Up In A Spooky Costume For The Event

You must dress up in a spooky costume or mimic the look of the ghostly characters to trick or treat successfully.

By doing so, you will immerse yourself in the Halloween event and enhance your trick-or-treating fun.

I. Choose From Costume Options

Fortunately, Animal Crossing has many costume options you can choose according to your liking.

You can find costume options like wizard hats, mummy outfits, vampire suits, hot dog costumes and many more.

This is your chance to get creative and choose a costume to receive candy from your island’s villagers.

Moreover, you can receive special prizes from Jack by impressing him with your Halloween Costume.

II. Customization Options For Costumes

Recently, Animal Crossing introduced new character customization options in the game.

Thus, this will allow you to use your creativity in dressing up both scary and stylish for the event.

So, create a killer costume and prepare to turn heads and trick or treat in the event.

3. Trick Or Treat With Your Villagers In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, the Halloween party will begin at 5 p.m. in the plaza.

As the clock strikes 5, your island in the game will come alive with the season’s spirit.

Villagers will dress up in costumes and wander outdoors to seek candy on the island.

 Animal Crossing
Players must follow the tradition of trick or treat in Animal Crossing.

Some of them will approach you for candy, while some wait in their homes to give away treats.

So get ready to engage in some lively trick-or-treat and interact with them.

I. Meet Villagers Outdoors For Halloween Event

When you meet the villagers wearing Halloween costumes outside, they eagerly ask you for candy.

So, in this part of the game, you have two choices either give them candy or play a trick on them.

Furthermore, if you choose to trick them the appearance of your character’s face or body paint will temporarily change.

This is not a big deal as you can quickly fix it later using a mirrored vanity in the game.

II. Treat Villagers To Get Rewards 

However, if you treat them, you will receive fantastic rewards from the dressed-up villagers.

If you give them candy, you’ll get DIY recipes, Spooky Garland, Spooky Table Setting DIYs and new reactions as your reward.

Apart from that villagers will also give you spooky wallpaper, flooring, a rug, and stacks of pumpkins.

III. Get Lollipops From Villagers

The Lollipops are like gold dust in the trick-or-treat event of the animal crossing.

Hence, it is the most wanted prize as it is rare and hard to get.

Get Lollipops
Lollipops are like gold dust in the trick-or-treat event of the animal crossing.

If you want to increase your chances of getting lollipops, make sure you’ve collected lots of candy.

4. Meet Jack To Give Candy

The true highlight of Halloween night in Animal Crossing is meeting Jack.

Jack, the Pumpkin Czar who is the main attraction of the Halloween event wears a purple robe and a pumpkin head.

You must meet Jack during the event to get valuable rewards from him in exchange for your candy.

Jack in Animal Crossing
Players are looking at how to trick or treat in Animal Crossing to earn valuable rewards.

Jack has a sweet tooth for candy so you can find him in the plaza and share your candy during the Halloween party.

I. Earn Rewards From Jack In The Trick Or Treat

When you meet Jack and talk to him, he’ll expect at least one piece of candy as an offering.

In return, he’ll reward you generously so take a look at what you can get from Jack:

  • Robe: Give Jack one piece of candy, and he’ll reward you with his spooky robe.
  • Pumpkin Head: By giving Jack another piece of candy, you’ll receive his iconic pumpkin head.
  • New reactions: Give Jack a third candy, and he will teach you two new reactions: Haunt or Scare.
  • Spooky Rewards: As you continue to provide candy to Jack, he’ll share more rewards, such as DIY recipes, spooky items, and new reactions.

II. Give Lollipops To Jack For More Rewards

Similarly, if you give lollipops to Jack while talking to him, he will grant you some unique prizes.

So to make the most of this event, collect as many lollipops as possible and give them to Jack.

In return for each lollipop, Jack will give you prizes like the Spooky Carriage, the Spooky Carriage DIY, and the Spooky Wand DIY.

The Bottom Line

With the trick option, you can customize the character, and with the treat option, you can get rewards in exchange for candy.

You can master the trick-or-treat in Animal Crossing with many candies and a creative costume.

Thus, if you treat the villager and Jack with your candies and lollipops, you can earn awesome rewards.

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