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Recruiting Eclipse: Your Guide to Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Introducing Eclipse, a vibrant character in the electrifying world of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

As you dive into the futuristic streets of New Amsterdam, Eclipse offers a unique twist with her rollerskate style.

Unlocking her isn’t just about a challenge – it’s an invitation to add a new dimension to your crew.

Eclipse is one of the characters in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk whom you can recruit. She comes with her own challenge that you need to overcome to have her join your crew.

Let’s explore how Eclipse shines in the neon-soaked playground of creativity, trick mastery, and graffiti artistry.

What Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a video game where you’re in a futuristic city called New Amsterdam.

You control Red, a character with a robotic head, and you skate around the city on a skateboard.

You can also do cool tricks and spray-paint graffiti on walls and other surfaces to show your style.

There are rival crews and even police you have to compete against.

Furthermore, you aim to become famous by gaining a good reputation and taking over different parts of the city.

The game is all about fast and fun skating, creative tricks, and creating awesome graffiti art while jamming to a funky soundtrack.

It’s a bit like the classic Jet Set Radio but with a modern twist.

Who Is Eclipse In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Eclipse is a character in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Her default way of moving around is using rollerskates, which adds to her unique style.

You’ll find her in Brink Terminal, which is a location in the game.

When you’re there, she’ll present you with a challenge.

Your task will be to score a high number of points – 5,000,000 – within Brink Terminal.

You need to do this within a time limit of three minutes.

bomb rush cyberfunk eclipse
Eclipse is a character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

If you successfully complete this challenge, Eclipse will become a member of your crew, joining your group of characters in the game.

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How To Unlock Eclipse As A Playable Character?

Here’s how you can unlock the Eclipse as a playable character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk in points:

1. Location Exploration

To unlock Eclipse as a playable character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, explore the Brink Terminal area.

This is where you’ll find Eclipse waiting for you.

2. Meeting Eclipse

When you locate Eclipse, approach her and initiate a conversation.

She’ll present you with a high-score challenge you must complete.

3. High Score Challenge

Eclipse’s challenge requires you to score 5,000,000 points within the Brink Terminal area.

You have three minutes to accomplish this task.

4. Tricks And Combos

Use your skating skills to succeed in the challenge and perform tricks, combos, and rail grinds.

Leverage the environment to build a high score by chaining various moves together.

5. Victory And Unlocking

Once you successfully score 5,000,000 points or more within the time limit.

Eclipse will be impressed with your skills and join your crew as a playable character.

Now, you can select her to skate around New Amsterdam and continue your artistic adventures.

eclipse joining the crew
Eclipse Joining The Crew in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Eclipse’s addition to your crew will enhance your gameplay options and offer new opportunities to explore the vibrant world.

How To Beat The Eclipse Challenge?

Here’s how to beat the Eclipse challenge in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk in points:

1. Start Strong With Multiplier

At the beginning of the challenge, head right to the rail for a 3x multiplier.

This will boost your score from the outset, setting the stage for higher points.

2. Clever Cornering

Head towards the bus station area. Utilize the corners effectively – lean into them while performing tricks.

This strategy helps you maintain your multiplier and accumulate more points.

3. Diverse Trick Combos

Mix up your trick combos to keep your score climbing. Combine rail leans, wall rides, and ground tricks.

Variety is key to keeping your combo fresh and points flowing.

4. Boost For Distance And Points

Use boost tricks strategically. Employ them to cover extra ground and get 3,000 points at the start or middle of your combo.

These boosts can significantly contribute to your overall score.

5. Small Enclosed Area Strategy

Find the enclosed square area with the half pipe. Grind along the perimeter while boosting to chain your combo and maximize points.

This confined space can be a goldmine for points.

beating eclipse
Beating Eclipse in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The Eclipse challenge requires a high score, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t succeed on your first attempt.

The Bottom Line

In the thrilling realm of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Eclipse emerges as a captivating crew member.

Eclipse’s rollerskating skills and special challenges make your skating adventures in New Amsterdam even more fun.

Keep honing your skills and tweaking your strategy, and you’ll eventually conquer the challenge and have Eclipse join your crew.

Good luck!

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