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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Playable Characters: Meet The Crew

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has a total of 18 playable characters. 

However, quite a few of them need to be unlocked before players can play the game as the character. 

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk there are 18 playable characters. However, each of the characters has a method of unlocking them. However, some characters are automatically usable by completing the main quest line.

This article discusses Bomb Rush Cyberfunk playable characters and ways to unlock them.

Playable Characters Of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The game has many playable characters that you can unlock and customize.

Players can unlock a total of seven playable characters in the main storyline of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. 

Here is the list of Playable characters.

  • Rave
  • Mesh
  • Vinyl
  • Shine
  • Rise
  • Solace
  • Red

Players can unlock each character through various methods. Furthermore, each character has a unique method of acquisition.

Thus, players can expect to come across different requirements for each character. 

The seven aforementioned are unlockable during the main storyline.

Furthermore, players can unlock many other characters than these characters.  

However, there are more characters that players can unlock after completing the main storyline. 

The characters are:

  • Coil
  • Flesh Prince
  • Frank
  • Rietveld
  • DOT EXE 
  • DJ Cyber
  • Eclipse
  • Devil Theory
  • Oldhead 
  • Felix and Red 

The roster of unlockable characters allows players to have a unique playthrough throughout and after the main storyline. 

Thus, players can expect to have a great time skating and spraying through the city in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. 

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How To Unlock All Playable Characters In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

After learning about the number of playable characters, you must be itching to unlock each one of them.

Here, we will discuss all the methods to unlock every character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

1. Rave

Players can recruit Rave in the subway station of Verdum Hills. However, you must beat 3 of her challenges before being able to recruit her. 

Furthermore, she will lead you to the bazaar area after you beat her challenges. Here, you must beat her score once more. 

Then, she will move into her hideout. Here, you must race her and win the race. Finally, she will talk to you about joining you. 

Unlock rave from verdum hills bomb rush cyberfunk
Unlock rave from Verdun hills.

2. Shine

First, you must head to the food court area of the Millennium Mall, challenge her and copy her dance. 

Then, you must follow her to the second floor of the food court. Here, you will receive her text telling you that she is in the Theater Hall

Also, you must travel to the third floor, and you will receive another text telling you that she is in the Warehouse.

You will find the warehouse near the food court where you first meet her, go inside, and talk to her, then she will join you. 

Shine unlocks from millenium hall bomb rush cyberfunk
Unlock Shine from Millennium Hall.

2. Vinyl And Solace

You will recruit both Vinyl and Solace during your playthrough of the main quest.

Thus, they do not require different quests to recruit them. 

Unlock vinyl and solace after completing the story
Complete Bomb Rush Cyberfunk story to unlock vinyl and solace.

3. Mesh

You will find Mesh on a big platform with teal tiles in Brink Terminal.

You must talk with him here, and he will give you a challenge to complete. 

Then, you must find him near a tall tower in the area. Here, he will challenge you to beat him in a score battle.

You must beat him again, find a canal, and go through it to the bridge.

Moreover, you will meet Mesh who will tell you that he lost his skateboard.

brink terminal bomb rush cyberfunk
Unlock mesh from the brink terminal.

You must drain the canal to help him and go through an entrance which an Oldhead guards. 

Furthermore, you require a rep of 140 to go through him and grind on a billboard to get to the control room after you go through him. 

After you complete this request, Mesh will join your crew.

4. Rise

You will meet Rise at the far entrance of Pyramid Island. Here, you must first take pictures of her with your phone. 

Then, you must head towards the bridge above her and climb it.

Then, she will text you, telling you to climb to the top of the whole construction. 

After you reach the spiral of the building, you will find her again. Here, she will ask you to take pictures of her. 

Lastly, she will ask you to tag a spot, and finally, she will join you. 

Pyramid Island in bomb rush cyberfunk unlocks rise
Rise unlocks from Pyramid Island in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

5. Coil

First, head to an alley in Mataan and look around for Coil. After you find him, you must imitate his dance. 

Then, head towards the big gold statue. Here, you will get a text telling you that he is on the island of Mataan River. 

After you get to the island, you will not find him so you must first walk to the entrance of the strip. 

Here, you will receive a text saying he is in Mataan, not on the Island. 

After you return to Mataan, head to the golden statue where you will find him dancing on your left. 

He will challenge you after you interact with him to win the challenge, he will join you. 

6. Flesh Prince

You will find Flesh Prince in his base with the slider entrance in Mataan.

Once you find him, talk to him and perform the popping dance, then, he will join you. 

Unlock prince from hideout bomb rush cyberfunk
You can unlock Flesh Prince from his hideout in Mataan in bomb rush cyberfunk.

7. Frank

Frank is at the top of the Verdum Hills in the main plaza. Here, he will challenge you and you must beat him. Then after, he will join you. 

Complete franks challenge in bomb rush cyberfunk
Unlock Frank after completing his challenge.

8. Rietveld

First, head to the basketball court next to Frank’s hideout. 

Here, you will have a boss battle with the police, you must complete the fight before interacting with Rietveld. 

After you beat the police drone and other on-foot police officers, you can recruit her. 

9. Futurism

Futurism is next to the big golden statue in Mataan.

You must complete her challenge, and she will join you. 


Head to the Theater Hall and you will find DOT EXE at the entrance.

You must complete his flow challenge, and then he will join you. 

Unlock DOT EXE from theater hall in bomb rush cyberfunk
Unlock DOT EXE from the theater hall in bomb rush cyberfunk.

11. DJ Cyber

You must grind the billboard in the Millennium Square to climb to a skyscraper. Here, you will find DJ Cyber. 

He will give you a score challenge, you must beat the challenge before he does and then he will join you. 

12. Eclipse

You can find Eclipse in the Brink Terminal. She will provide you with a challenge, you must complete the challenge. Then, you can unlock her. 

Brink terminal unlocks eclipse bomb rush cyberfunk
Unlock Eclipse from the brink terminal in bomb rush cyberfunk.

13. Devil Theory

You must head back to the second level of the Pyramid Island to meet Devil Theory. He will give you a challenge; complete the challenge and then he will join you. 

14. Oldhead

To have Oldhead join you, you must tag every single graffiti spot in the city.

The method can be quite a hassle, but it is rather straightforward. 

15. Felix And Red

You can find both Felix and Red on any dancefloor after you beat the game. 

Find felix in dancefloor
Players can find Felix on the dancefloor of bomb rush cyberfunk.

16. Base And Jay

Base and Jay are obtainable after paying a price of $5 for the DLC called Bomb Rush Cyberfunk DLC- Base and Jay.

Find red in dancefloor
Find red on the dance floor in bomb rush cyberfunk.

The Bottom Line

The selection of multiple characters can allow players to experience the game in a unique manner. 

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, players have more than enough characters to unlock and play with.

This further enhances the gameplay for the players and gives them a reason to replay the game repeatedly. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in unlocking all the playable characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. 

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