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New Brawl Stars Loading Screen In Season 22

The season 22 update has brought a new and artistic Brawl Stars loading screen.

Loading screens in Brawl Stars have had quite the evolution since their initial release in 2017.

Brawl Stars has introduced us to three different themes, such as Brawlidays 2023, Starr Toon Studios, and Year of the Tiger in the Season 22 update.

Let’s dive into the details of the loading screens available in Season 22 of Brawl Stars.

What Are Loading Screens In Brawl Stars?

The loading screen is the first display that the user can see while the game Brawl Stars loads.

Its main purpose is to appear on the screen while starting the game or transferring game modes.

In addition, it helps to display art, game tips, and updates and even is applicable for marketing the game features.

Many players enjoy the art uploaded in the game through every update and look forward to it.

Furthermore, Brawl Stars also has custom background music during each loading screen which players enjoy.

However, there are been some occasions where players have encountered bugs regarding the loading screens.

Players expressed being stuck at a certain percentage of the screen being loaded which frustrated many.

Having said that, the bugs and problems have been solved by the team and the players.

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The Evolution Of Brawl Stars Loading Screen

The loading screen of Brawl Stars has evolved quite a lot since its initial release in 2017.

Additionally, the initial release had a very simple loading screen with the Brawl Stars logo and the percentage meter.

Here is a table showcasing the list of all the loading screens present since then in Brawl Stars.

2017Beta Screen
Global Update
2019Pirate Brawlidays
Tara's Bazaar
Summer of Monsters
Starr Park
Holiday Getaway
2021Starr Force
Gold Arm Gang
Jurassic Splash
Once Upon A Brawl
Year of the Tiger
Stunt Show
Deep Sea Brawl
Robot Factory
Ghost Station
2023Candy Land
Mystery at the Hub
Rumble Jumble
Legends of Olympus
Enchanted Woods
Cursed Pirates
Back to Ranger Ranch
Brawl Academy
Bizarre Circus
The Warrior's Journey
World Finals
2024Starr Toon Studios
Year of the Dragon

Moreover, all these different artworks help players become a part of the Brawl Stars franchise.

Also, we can see the evolution of the game from its starting days and how far it has come.

Brawl Stars Loading Screen In Season 22

Three loading screens are available in the latest season 22 update of Brawl Stars.

Also, each has a significant theme and even a collaboration with Star Toon Studios.

In addition, Pinku Pawlette is a character that is available only through Collete brawler or purchase with gems.

brawl stars loading screen season 22
The user discussed the marketing strategy of loading screens on this update.

So, people are considering buying the skin due to the artwork on the loading screen.

Here is a breakdown of all three loading screens available in the Season 22 update;

1. Brawlidays

Brawlidays is a Christmas or holiday-themed loading screen update in Brawl Stars.

In addition, the team of Brawl Stars has been pretty consistent with the Christmas-themed update.

Brawlidays is a holiday-themed loading screen in Brawl Stars.

Also, it comes with special background music with players being able to hear clear jingle-bells.

Similar to the Brawlidays, Brawl Stars also has a Brawl-o-ween update which is Halloween-themed.

2. Star Toon Studios

Another loading screen available is Brawl Stars collaboration with Star Toon Studios.

The collaboration has brought new cartoon-themes, brawl passes, and many more.

StarToon Studios
Another loading screen reflects Brawl Star’s collaboration with Star Toon Studios.

3. Year Of The Dragon

2024 being Year of the Dragon, the game has a loading screen of the theme of the year.

In addition, the Year of the Dragon has brought many new characters and themed content.

Year of the dragon brawl stars loading screen season 22
This theme reflects, the Brawl Stars 2024 theme which is Year of the Dragon.

Like the Year of the Dragon, Brawl Stars released Year of the Tiger in 2021.

So, as time goes on players can look out for more exciting updates and improvements in the game.

The Bottom Line

Brawl Stars has introduced three different loading screens to replicate the vibrant theme. 

The loading screens are in the theme of our season and the Year of the Tiger.

So, join Brawl Stars and become an epic brawler never to miss these loading screen updates.

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