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Explore The PvP Tier List Warcraft Rumble

A PVP tier list allows players to create various teams and deploy them to win any match in Warcraft Rumble.

Furthermore, various units with unique abilities allow players to create various strategies.

In Warcraft Rumble, players can build their team using a tier list. The units are divided into five distinct tiers allowing players to choose the unit that suits their playstyle and wants in Warcraft Rumble.
This article discusses the PVP tier list for Warcraft Rumble.

What Is A PVP Tier List For Warcraft Rumble?

A PVP tier list for Warcraft Rumble is a list of characters that the players can use when they are going up against other players.

Furthermore, the tier list will change multiple times as the season progresses.

The changes normally occur when players find new interactions and loopholes within the mechanics of the units.

Thus, players must make sure to keep their knowledge about the units up to date.

Furthermore, some characters in the PVP tier list are also good in PVE and vice versa.

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Warcraft Rumble PVP Tier List

The Warcraft Rumble PVP tier list details various units players can deploy to get the upper hand.

Furthermore, this list will also give a brief overview of the character’s strengths that the players can leverage.

Here is a PVP tier list for Warcraft Rumble:

1. SS Tier

i. Baron Rivendare

The baron is a melee unit capable of summoning skeleton units.

Furthermore, the baron features skills like Death Pact, Skeletal Frenzy and Chill of the Grave.

Riverdane tier SS warcraft rumble
Baron Riverdane is a SS tier unit in Warcraft Rumble.

Among his three skills, Chill of the Grave is one of the best since it allows him to summon skeletal mages.

These skills allow the baron to tank tower hits and heal himself when he takes damage.

Furthermore, the baron deals elemental damage, making him a great counter to various tanks in the game.

ii. Stonehoof Tauren

The Tauren is a melee unit capable of charging at the enemy units.

Furthermore, the Tauren also features skills like Pummel, Momentum and Provoke.

Among the three skills he possesses, the best one is momentum. This skill allows him to charge a second time if he connects a charge.

Furthermore, Pummel allows him to stun the enemy for 3 seconds after connecting a charge.

Thus, alongside his high health pool, he also features skills that will immobilize the enemy.

iii. Tirion Fordring

Tirion Fordring is a melee unit capable of healing his allies and extending the battle until his allies are victorious.

The holy knight possesses skills like Divine Shield, Consecrate and By the Light.

The divine shield is the best among the three skills because it will provide a magical shield at 30% health.

Furthermore, during the effect of the shield, he is invulnerable for 5 seconds.

Additionally, he is also capable of healing his allies using the skill “By the light.”

This skill doubles the healing of the primary target. Thus, keeping his units quite healthy for the duration of the fight.

2. S Tier

i. Sylvanus Windrunner

Sylvanus is a ranged unit capable of increasing the movement speed of undead and horde minis.

Furthermore, she is a ranged unit, allowing her to deal damage to the enemies from a safe distance.

Sylvanus S tier in warcraft rumble
Sylvanus is a S tier unit in Warcraft Rumble.

Sylvanus possesses three skills Black Arrow, Banshee’s Wail and Forsaken Fury.

Among the three skills, the Black arrow is the best because it allows Sylvanus to pierce through enemies in a line.

Moreover, this skill will deal elemental damage, making it even more potent against tanks.

ii. Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina is a ranged unit capable of slowing the enemy with her attacks.

Furthermore, she also possesses the ability to increase the level of spells by 3.

Alongside the ability, she also possesses the skills Blink, Clearcasting and Flurry.

Blink is one of the best skills that Jaina can use because it allows her to escape danger and deal damage from a safe distance.

Furthermore,  she also deals elemental damage, making her an excellent choice against tanks.

iii. Necromancer

Necromancer is a ranged unit capable of summoning hordes of skeleton units.

One of his primary abilities is to summon additional skeleton units.

The Necromancer features skills like Cult of the damned, Jeweled Skulls and Breath of the Dying.

Jeweled skulls is the best skill the Necromancer possesses because it allow him to summon skeletal mages.

Skeletal mages are ranged units and typically deal elemental damage.

Furthermore, upon death, the Necromancer will summon five skeletons due to his Breath of the Dying skill.

3. A Tier

i. Maiev Shadowsong

Maeiv is a melee unit that can reduce her cost by 1 per unbound troop that the players will put into the battlefield.

She also possesses the ability “Stealth,” which allows her to be invisible to enemies until she attacks them.

Maeiv possesses three skills Enveloping Shadows, Shadowstep and Remorseless.

Remorseless is Maeiv’s best skill because it allows her to deal double damage for two seconds after she defeats an enemy.

However, all her other skills are more intuned in helping her defeat enemies without letting them react to it.

ii. Cairne Bloodhoof

Cairne is a melee unit that increases the health of horde units by 20%.

Furthermore, his attacks will also stun the enemy, making him one of the best CC units in the game.

Cairne possesses three skills Reincarnation, Plainsrunning and Aftershock.

Cairne Bloodhoof A tier warcraft rumble
Cairne Bloodhoof is an A-tier unit in Warcraft Rumble.

Among the three skills, Reincarnation and Aftershock are the best skills on Cairne.

Reincarnation allows Cairne to come back to life, while Aftershock causes the enemy to enter a daze after the stun duration expires.

Cairne shines the most if other units can deal damage to the enemy while he stuns them.

iii. Hogger

Hogger is a melee unit whose movement speed and attack speed increase by 35% each time he is played.

Furthermore, he also boasts a high health pool, allowing him to tank most of the tower’s hits.

Hogger boasts three skills, Ham Hock, Spoiled Meat and Fatal Frenzy.

The best skill he possesses is Ham hock. This skill increases his health by 10% each time he is deployed.

This means with his own ability and this skill; he can deal massive damage to the enemy while tanking every single hit of theirs.

4. B Tier

i. Warsong Raider

Warsong Rider is a melee unit capable of dealing extra damage to the towers and even soaking up tower damage.

Furthermore, they are one of the fastest-moving units in the game.

Warsong Raiders possess skills like Saboteur, Razing Focus and Sunder Armor.

Razing Focus is the raider’s best skill because it allows the unit to become a Siege unit.

This change allows the raider to take down towers much faster.

Coupling this skill with the Saboteur also allows the raider to reduce the towers’ damage.

Thus, among all units capable of taking down towers, Raider is one of the best.

ii. Mountaineer

Mountaineer is a melee unit capable of healing his own bear companion.

The Mountaineer possess skills like Frenzied Spirit, Mend Pets and Intimidation.

Mend pets is the best skill among the three since it constantly heals nearby beasts while healing the bear.

 However, intimidation is also an excellent skill for the mountaineer since it will taunt the enemies.

iii. Core Hound

Core Hound is a melee tank unit capable of resurrecting each other when one falls.

The Hound possesses skills like Fiery Rebirth, Guard Dog, and Eternal Bond.

Among the three skills, Eternal Bond and Fiery Rebirth are the best skills. This is because both skills synergize with each other.

The eternal bond makes the resurrection range infinite, allowing the hounds to fight independently.

5. C Tier

i. Molten Giant

Molten Giant excels in taking down towers.

Furthermore, this unit takes 50% less physical damage. These two abilities make it one of the best units to take down towers.

The Molten Giant features skills like Threatening Presence, Blood of the Mountain and Bolster.

Among the three skills, the blood of the mountain is the best skill because the molten giant will explode upon death due to this skill.

This means that even after defeating the giant, the opponents will take damage again.

Furthermore, since the unit is a siege unit, it will heal as it deals damage due to the Bolster skill.

ii. Charlga Razorflank

Charlga Razorflank is a ranged unit that is capable of dealing damage as a percentage of the health of the target.

Furthermore, the unit can also root enemies and will always attack ground enemies.

Charlga possesses three skills: Nature’s Grasp, Cavernous Mists and Spirit Passage.

Among the three skills, Cavernous Mists is the best skill because it decreases the deployment cost of the unit by 1.

iii. Plague Farmer

Plague Farmer is a ranged unit capable of dealing stacking damage to the enemies.

Furthermore, the unit excels in AOE damage, thus, this unit is great in dealing with multiple enemies at once.

Plague farmer possesses skills like Parting Gift, Virulence and Splashing Pumpkins.

Among the three skills, the best skill is Splashing Pumpkins, this skill increases the range by +1 and doubles the splash range of the poison.

The benefit of this unit is the constant damage over time that it can deal to enemies.

The Bottom Line

In PVP, gaining the upper hand is the best way to win the match.

Furthermore, the units also possess their own strengths and weaknesses that players can leverage.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning the PVP tier list of Warcraft Rumble.

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