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What Is The Use Of Orokin Eye In Warframe?

Orokin is an ancient and advanced civilization in Warframe that creates powerful technologies including Orokin Eye.

The Ororkin eye is one of their popular and useful inventions especially the air-support ability.

In Warframe, the Orokin Eye is a useful item to scan valuable resources throughout the map as it scans resources within a 150-meter radius and marks the location in the map.

Continue reading to learn more about Orokin Eye and where you can use it in the game.

What Is Orokin Eye In Warframe?

The Orokin Eye is a powerful air support item introduced in the update Echoes of Zariman.

It is primarily used in Parallax landing craft as an Orokin eye air support.

Further, it sends out visual void sparks and highlights each detected item on the map for every member of the team. 

However, the visual sparks only last for 5 seconds but the highlights will remain the same with players interact with the item.

The eye scans a 150-meter radius while penetrating walls and obstacles.

These abilities make the Orokin eye a valuable tool for resource farming.

Players can equip the Parallax Landing craft and activate the Orokin eye ability from the air support menu.

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Where Can You Use Orokin Eye In Warframe?

In Warframe, the Orokin eye is a very useful item with various benefits and uses that players can utilize in the game.

Players can become master treasure hunters with the Orokin Eye as their guide.

Here are all the things that players can use Orokin Eye for:

1. Scan For Resources

The Orokin Eye detects and highlights rare resources and valuable items in the current tileset.

Further, the range for scanning resources is within a 150-meter radius.

Similarly, the resources include Syndicate Medallions, Orokin Forma Containers, and Ayatan Treasures.

2. Mark Resource Location

The resource is marked for everyone in your squad, allowing you to detect the resources throughout the map.

Further, players can see the resource on the minimap and world maps, making it easier to locate.

It allows players to take turns using the eye to cover larger areas on the map and avoid redundancy.

Additionally, different icons represent different treasures. Such as:

  • Ayatan Sculptures: Glowing purple diamonds
  • Tellurium: Pulsating blue
  • Argon Crystals: Sparkling green
  • Vaults: Golden pyramids

Players should recognize what each icon represents to prioritize collecting valuable resources like Ayatan Sculptures and Tellurium.

3. Identify Valuable Containers

The Orokin eye identifies which containers hold valuable loot among tilesets of Orokin Vaults.

Further, it can detect the container even if they’re hidden behind walls or in secluded areas.

Likewise, some valuable containers in Warframe with valuable loot include Grineer, Corpus, and Orokin.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Orokin eye is a valuable tool in Warframe attached to Parallax for scanning resources.

It can significantly simplify scanning for valuable resources such as Vaults and Derelict caches.

Further, the scan result is visible to all the squad members so the competition can be tough.

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