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Camp Cook Off Monopoly Go: A Tasty Victory

Monopoly Go is running a tournament called Camp Cook-Off with an exciting reward.

This tournament runs from 10th October until 2 PM ET on 12th October.

In Monopoly Go, Camp Cook-Off is a tournament event where players earn the most points on different actions, such as robbing banks and bankrupting their opponents.

Continue reading to learn more about the Camp Cook-Off tournament, how to get the score, and its rewards in Monopoly Go.

What Is Camp Cook Off In Monopoly Go?

Camp Cook-Off is a big competition where players compete to earn spatula points by performing Bank Heists and bankrupting other players.

The tournament runs for 48 hours, and players are ranked on their total points.

Sometimes, you may be grouped with strong players and easier opponents.

Bankrupting another player earns you 16 points, a great way to earn many points quickly.

camp cook off monopoly go
Perform a heist in the tournament to earn maximum points.

Hence, it is risky as you may also have to be bankrupted in return.

However, on collecting the most points, you can get cool rewards like special sticker packs and extra dice.

The top prize for finishing first is a 5-star golden purple sticker pack and 1,200 dice.

You can score points as follows:


  • Shutdown Blocked: 2 points
  • Shutdown Success: 4 points

Bank Heists x2

  • Small Heists: 8 points
  • Large Heists: 12 points
  • Bankrupt: 16 points
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How To Earn Score In Camp Cook-Off?

Following these five tips and strategies can improve your chances of earning a high score and winning great rewards.

1. Prioritize Bank Heists

Bank Heists are the best way to earn more points in Camp Cook-Off, as each successful heist will earn you 4 points.

When you land on a Railroad, aim for a Bank heist instead of a shutdown.

Keep an eye out for the four rings on the game board, they can be close together or scattered.

If you are lucky enough, you may find the three rings that can boost your score significantly.

2. Competitive Placement

Additionally, consider using your dice wisely to maximize your chances of a high position.

Aim for a top ranking on the leaderboard, as the top spots come with valuable sticker packs and additional dice.

Work on completing the 30 milestones because this can earn you 1,800 extra dice, giving you more chances to earn points.

3. Use A Stronger Deck

Choose a strong deck, as having a solid deck with powerful characters and properties can help you gain an advantage.

You will earn rewards as you progress through the game, so use them wisely to upgrade your deck.

However, you can also use multipliers to help you earn more points from Bank Heists and bankruptcies.

But be careful not to use too many multipliers, as this can quickly delete your dice rolls.

4. Efficient Play

Don’t just roll your dice randomly; use them efficiently to maximize your points in Monopoly Go.

If you’re close to bankrupting another player, you may want to use your dice rolls to move to a space that will help you achieve this.

Rewards For Camp Cook-Off

Here are the rewards you can earn in the Camp Cook-Off in Monopoly Go:

1. Top Prize

If you manage to finish first in the tournament, you will get a super rare 5-star golden purple sticker pack.

You will also receive 1,200 extra dice to help you in the game.

you will get a rare 5-star golden purple sticker pack
You will get a rare 5-star golden purple sticker pack.

2. Second Place Prize

The second-place finisher will receive a 4-star golden blue sticker pack, ensuring you get a valuable 4-star golden sticker.

You will also receive 600 more dice to use in the game.

3. Third Place Prize

Coming in third place is still great because you’ll win a golden pink sticker pack.

The event guarantees you a 3-star golden sticker along with 500 extra dice.

4. 30 Milestone Reward

A reward is also available for players who do not fall on the top three list even after completing 30 milestones.

Because you will be rewarded with 1800 dice, giving you a significant boost in the game.

5. Additional Rewards

You can also earn several smaller rewards for reaching different milestones in the tournament.

Moreover, this can help you climb the leaderboard and win more dice, sticker packs, cash, and other in-game rewards.

The Bottom Line

The prizes make the Camp Cook-Off an exciting challenge with valuable rewards to aim for.

Some spaces on the board can give you extra advantages, such as more dice rolls or more money, so use it to your advantage.

Therefore, the more you play, the more points you will earn.

Try to play as often as possible to maximize your chances of winning.

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