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Play Monopoly Go Without Facebook: The Best Way to Enjoy

Monopoly Go allows players to enjoy the game, be it with or without the need for Facebook.

It is one of the highest-rated games on both Android and iOS platforms averaging a rating of 4.5.

Most of the players bind their Facebook accounts with the game to play with their friends.

You can sign in using your Apple ID or play as a guest if you want an option to log in to Monopoly Go without Facebook.

Continue reading this article to learn how to play Monopoly Go without Facebook.

Two Ways To Play Monopoly Go Without Facebook

There are two ways to play Monopoly Go without connecting to Facebook: Connect With Apple and Play as a Guest.

These two methods allow players to bypass the Facebook login requirement, giving you more flexibility in how you enjoy the game.

Login Options In Monopoly Go
Login Options in Monopoly Go.

Now, let us discuss these two methods in more detail.

1. Connecting With Apple

This is one of the two ways players can enjoy the game without needing a Facebook account.

Also, this method of playing grants players more rewards compared to playing as a guest.

In fact, connecting with Apple rewards players with 25 additional dice rolls when they first play the game.

This also helps you to connect to your Apple contacts and enjoy the game with them.

This option lies just below the Login with Facebook option on the Log-In screen.

Click on the Connect with Apple Option to open an extended window for login.

In the new window, type in your email and password to link your Apple ID with Monopoly Go.

Logging in with this method saves your progress in the game, allowing you to play from multiple devices when needed.

Hence, use this method if you do not own a Facebook account but still want to save your progress.

2. Playing As A Guest In Monopoly Go

Playing as a Guest is an alternative way to enjoy the game without linking your accounts.

This option lies below the Connect With Apple option when opening the game for the first time.

However, playing as a guest is quite risky as there is no guarantee that your progress will be saved.

Additionally, you cannot play with your friends directly, which is one of the fun aspects of the game.

Furthermore, you are not rewarded with any free dice rolls in the game.

Choosing this method is only suggested for players who want to play the game occasionally.

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Advantages Of Playing With A Facebook Account

Playing with a Facebook account outperforms any other login methods in the game.

Firstly, Monopoly Go rewards players for playing with five or more of their friends.

In fact, players can accumulate daily jackpot rewards for completing this task every day. 

Completing this quest can help to acquire additional money and even dice rolls which is essential for levelling up.

According to some users on Reddit, playing with a Facebook account can give you more than 100 dice rolls.

Also, Monopoly promotes playing with friends as it has an in-game Friend system.

Rewards For Playing With Facebook
Rewards For Playing With Facebook.

According to the Friend system, players can invite their friends by sharing the link via Facebook and text.

If their friends click the link and play the game, both you and your friends can get 30 free dice rolls.

Furthermore, it is a convenient way to stay connected with your social network, making it easier to coordinate game sessions. 

Additionally, the ability to compete with friends and track their progress within the Monopoly Go community fosters a sense of friendly competition.

The advantages of playing with a Facebook account in Monopoly Go outweigh its counterparts.

The Bottom Line

Although players can play Monopoly Go without Facebook, it is highly suggested to use one.

This is because logging in with Facebook can reward you with more than 100 free dice rolls in the game.

Therefore, it is suggested for players to make a dummy account just to enhance their level progression in the game.

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