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Zethino: The Master Of Love In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a fantasy realm with secrets and captivating stories.

Among its many characters, one figure intrigues players: Zethino.

Zethino is one of the most exciting characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. She tests your love by asking you various questions about your partner in the game.

Let’s delve into Zethino’s tale to understand her importance and impact on the grand world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Zethino In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Zethino, also known as the master of love, is an exciting character in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

You can find her in the Circus of The Last Days, and she appears only in the game’s third act.

Zethino plays a lover’s quiz with you and asks you various questions related to your partner in the game.

She apparently checks if the love between you two is eternal on the basis of your answers. 

Furthermore, you must answer carefully and smartly to progress in the game.

zethino in bg3
Zethino is a master of love character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Circus Of The Last Days

The Circus of the Last Days is an exciting location found on the Act 3 of the game.

This location is usually recommended for players within the level range of 8-10.

While exploring the circus, you will find Zethino’s quest in heart of the grounds standing besides a huge tree.

circus of the last days
Find Zethino in The Circus of the Last Days.

The Lover’s Quiz Of Zethino In Baldur’s Gate 3

Zethino offers a series of questions to you and your partner to test your love once you meet her.

You must start conversing with her to start the quiz.

Similarly, she asks you if you’re in love, and once you admit it, she praises your vulnerability.

Zethino believes when it comes to love, vulnerability is armor, truth, a sword and trust, a shield.

After some introductory conversation, she asks you and your partner to close your eyes and takes you to a different location.

Now, she tests your love through questions about your partner.

Furthermore, your partner has to tell if your answers are accurate.

zethino badlur's gate 3
Zethino is asking questions in the Lover’s test.
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Zethino Love Test Answers

The love test questions of Zethino may vary from players as all of them may not have the same character as the companion.

Ensure to answer the question truthfully, as unlike other events, it may not have future consequences.

Zethino correct answers
Answer the Zethino questions.

Here is the list of correct answers according to their companion if players are having trouble answering the Zethino Questions;


  1.  A shiny red apple- wholesome as can be.
  2.  While on his balcony in Waterdeep.
  3.  He thinks he and the world, might be a better off if he were dead.


  1. Gortash.
  2. Bashing baddies interspersed with victory sex.
  3.  Settled Down in a quiet village with a nice partner and few kids.


  1. When he’s elbow-deep in gore.
  2. Revenge.
  3. Breaking a nail.


  1. Memories of our first night getting to know each other.
  2. His Father, Ulther Ravengard.
  3. Leaving behind his father and- and his city.


  1. Good Company and even better vintage.
  2. Being Discreet.
  3. She doesn’t know who she is or where she belongs.


  1. Picking up her siblings one by one.
  2. Legendary Drow hero Drizzt Do’urden.
  3. Let herself be captured by the cult of the Absolute.


  1. To find the truth about Orpheus amidst her queen’s lies.
  2. Our night together
  3. She will be known as the liberator of the Githyanki people


  1. Comfort doesn’t come naturally to him. He’s restless and roaming.
  2. Protecting his grove from those who threatened it.
  3. Allowing the shadow curse to blight nature for a hundred years.

Mysterious Connection Of Zethino And Shadowheart

Zethino’s mystery gets linked closely with Shadowheart, a companion in the game.

When you approach the circus, you will find something puzzling: Zethino has an invisible partner, which turns out to be Shadowheart.

Furthermore, this discovery adds complexity to the story in an unexpected way.

The way characters talk in the game gives players hints, as friends and NPCs notice Shadowheart’s invisible presence when she talks with Zethino.

However, their conversations are funny and sometimes frustrating, revealing a unique view of the puzzle.

The Bottom Line

While Zethino’s link to Shadowheart’s invisibility gets attention, remember that Baldur’s Gate 3 tells many tales.

Zethino’s mystery is just one part of this big picture, making the game enjoyable.

As you explore, you will discover Zethino and Shadowheart’s story and other surprises that make your adventure unique.

Happy Gaming!

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