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ChatGPT Not Available in Your Country: How to Bypass it?

The availability of ChatGPT models has been increasing in recent years, yet many users in different countries still do not have access to the technology.

If ChatGPT is not available in your country, you can use VPN in incognito mode, contact OpenAI support, use a permitted number, or use alternative ChatGPT services.

This article will explore why ChatGPT is unavailable in your country and the possible solutions to this issue.

Why is ChatGPT Not Available in Your Country?

ChatGPT is not available in a few countries, such as Russia, China, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, North Korea etc., due to their country laws and policies and internet surveillance laws.

The most common reason behind the ChatGPT unavailability is the geo-based restriction.

Different people misuse this tool to commit fraud or spam mail.

Moreover, students rely on it in many countries for their assignments. Hence, it might be another reason for the restrictions in some regions.

The use of ChatGPT in public schools in Western Australia and Victoria has been prohibited. ChatGPT has been banned in school districts in the United States, France, and India.

This is primarily due to regulatory reasons or the restrictions on using AI technology in a particular country.

Furthermore, you can find the list of countries where ChatGPT is available or from where you can access ChatGPT easily.

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How to Use ChatGPT if it is Not Available in Your Country?

You can try the following solutions to bypass regional blocking to access ChatGPT.

1. Use the Permitted Cell Phone Number

The first thing you need to ensure is your registered phone number. OpenAI does not just look at your geographical information while accessing its service.

It also looks upon your registered phone number through which you signed up for the service.

Therefore, a VPN cannot work if you have registered to ChatGPT using a phone number from any restricted country.

If you reside in a country where ChatGPT is not officially available, you must use a phone number where ChatGPT is available to register for the service.

You can quickly get the virtual phone numbers of another country through several websites providing these services.

However, recently, it is also reported that ChatGPT is not accepting VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) numbers.

Therefore, while subscribing to the virtual number service, ensure you use a good one.

2. Use VPN

If you have registered for the ChatGPT service using a valid phone number but are in a geographical location where ChatGPT is inaccessible.

In that case, you should consider using VPN to mask your geolocation.

It would be best to use a reputable VPN, as most free VPNs are unreliable in masking the IP address or geolocation.

We recommend using the Proton VPN for this purpose.

You can also choose another region with less traffic with a VPN.

Follow the below steps to run ChatGPT with a VPN.

  1. First, download and install VPN on your device.
  2. After setting up the VPN, connect to the server based on the country where ChatGPT is available.
click quick connect select region proton vpn
  1. Open a private window on your browser (any browser). To access it in your browser, press the Ctrl+Shift+N keys on your PC. A new incognito window will open.
  2. Then, visit the OpenAI ChatGPT website.
chatgpt incognito

After that, you will be able to use ChatGPT without any issues.

Alternatively, you can try using ChatGPT with another OpenAI account.

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3. Contact OpenAI’s Support Team

If you reside in a country where ChatGPT is available but facing relatable issues, you can contact OpenAI’s Support Team.

You can directly contact Open AI ChatGPT support team for further support.

help center openai chatgpt

Alternatively, you can share a screenshot of the problematic page with the Customer Support Team via email ([email protected]) or message.

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4. Use ChatGPT Alternatives

There are more than 25+ ChatGPT alternatives, i.e., web-based or apps.

If ChatGPT is unavailable in your region or you can not access it with the above solution, you should try some wonderful alternatives.

This Chatbot is overcrowded, so if unavailable, you can try some of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article has helped you access ChatGPT even if it is unavailable in your region.

Continue enjoying the power of ChatGPT with the solution we mentioned above.

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