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Cheaters Folly In BG3: Remove And Avoid

Cheaters Folly is one of the debuffs of the BG3 that reduces all the ability scores by 1.

Many players are facing this issue and searching for a concrete solution.

Cheaters Folly is a curse that can affect players in the Gauntlet of Shar. Players can remove it by using the Remove Curse spell or item and visiting the camp, and then taking a long rest. To avoid the debuff, only attack the self-image and uneqip the items in inventory.

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What Is Cheaters Folly In BG3?

Cheater’s Folly is among the curses players can get while exploring the Gauntlet of Shar.

The area has a lot of riddles to solve and even more loot for the players and help to progress through missions.

Unfortunately, the Folly in the area is causing many issues in the game progression in the Self-same trial.

self same trial bg3
Playing the self-same trial mission in Temple of Shar.

In the self-same trial event, players must fight their clones, who will have the same abilities and armor.

But if players attack the clones that are not theirs, cheaters folly can infect them along with persistence.

How To Remove Cheaters Folly In BG3?

If players are willing to get rid of the Cheater’s Folly curse, follow the given procedure,

1. Remove Curse Spell

The Cheater’s Folly is among a curse, so using the Remove Curse Spell should help eliminate it.

Ensure to search for the spell or the items in all of the inventory, including the companions.

The Remove curse items are rare and can cure other similar curses, including the Spell Rot and Tharchiate Withering.

Remove curse bg3
Use Scroll to remove the curse on the character.

Players need to head the inventory, select the target and remove the curse.

2. Long Rest

Another easy method to remove the debuff from the characters is by taking a long rest at the campsite. 

As players can’t leave the battle zone in the middle, simply go to the campsite.

Visit the campsite and long rest.

After players come to the camp, apply for a long rest; they can also restore hit points and spell slots after the rest.

When players complete the rest, ensure to leave the camp to remove the defuff entirely.

Avoid The Cheaters Folly 

Players infected with the Cheater’s Folly effect already have a solution to remove it.

But, if players are willing not to get debuffed in the first place, use  the given solutions; 

1. Attack Carefully

When players are engaging in the Self-same trial in the Gauntlet Of Shar, the task is to attack the counterpart.

If players attack any other clone, they will instantly get hit by the curse.

So, players must deploy an attack only in the clone and avoid any other clone.

2. Unequip Items In Inventory

The easiest technique to pass through the Self-same trial and avoid getting the curse is by unequipping the items in the inventory.

Players need to unequip not just the main characters but all companions.

If players have no weapons and armor, the clones will be useless; hence players will have zero chance of getting the debuff.

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The Bottom Line

Cheater’s Folly is one of the minor debuffs that decreases the character’s ability score.

If players attack any other characters except the self-image, they can get infected with it, so avoid doing that.

Players can also remove the condition after taking a long rest or using the remove curse spell.

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