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How To Get Wrapped On

Wrapped in is a new feature of the website where you can visualize your history of chess games on a single page.

This is a modified feature similar to Spotify and other music apps where you can get the history of your playlist.

To get wrapped in, firstly go to the main menu and select the option of See Highlights. There you will find a brief of your game histories.

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Overview On Wrapped In

Many players expressed concerns about playing a great game and then forgetting it as it becomes lost among a bunch of other chess games.

Now has brought a wrapped feature where you can see your great games to your worst game with your opponent.

This feature is working as players can overview their match history in brief and can improve their skills.

See highlight feature
This is the see highlight feature of

The wrapped feature is automated in as it auto-generates your game history.

Simply go to the menu and there you will find a new option of See Highlights where you will be able to access the feature.

Getting this feature in the website and the app adds to players’ expectations as they don’t need to access a third party for it.

Wrapped feature in Chess
This is where you should click to get your wrapped games in
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How To Get Wrapped Feature In

To get this feature on, you first have to be an old member and complete at least 50 games.

To get this feature use the following ways.

1. Navigate To The Homepage

Users should start by visiting the homepage.

This is where you’ll find information about ongoing events, challenges, and special features.

2. Should Have A Minimum Of 50 Games

This feature is only available for players who have played around 50 games in 2023.

If you have not completed any games in 2023, you won’t get your wrap as it requires game history.

3. History Of Opponents

This feature is only recommended for the players who have faced many opponents in 2023.

Hence, it includes added friends and the online players’ game history as well.

Players can also get insights into games played against people from different countries.

Moreover, players can even know the most wins against and the opponent’s rank.

The Bottom Line

This feature is useful for players who want an insight into their game history and improvements.

You also can check your good moves and bad moves as you have played in your 2023 games.

So, do check if the feature is available for you or not, and make sure to gain knowledge for improving your games.

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