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Is Colleagues Part 2 Bugged In Escape From Tarkov?

Colleagues part 2 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov where you must obtain the Sanitar’s Surgery Kit.

In this quest,  players are going through a bug where they cannot pick up the Surgery kit.

Colleagues Part 2 is not bugged as the Battlestate Games changed the looting range to make sure that players wouldn’t loot from behind the wall. Therefore, get closer to obtaining the Sanitar’s Surgery Kit.

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What Is Colleagues Part 2 Bug In EFP?

In the Colleagues part 2 quest, players are unable to pick up the Surgery Kit Marked from long range.

Picking up the kit is the main objective of the quest and players should be able to do it as so.

The problem is that it shows the animation of picking up the item but it won’t be with you.

Players are getting confused as they pursue the quest and are unable to perform the main objective.

Location of the quest
The building where you need to pay a visit to find the Surgery Kit.
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Causes Of Colleagues Part 2 Bugged In EFP

The main cause of the Colleagues Part 2 bug is an update from Battle Games that increased the looting range.

This means players can only collect any item while they are close to it from a minimum distance.

It’s the latest update of the game; if you are outdated, it might also cause the bug.

After all analysis, this doesn’t seem to be a bug and is an update by the game developers.

Surgery kit eft collegues part 2
Check the location with a red mark to obtain the Surgery Kit.

Fixes For Colleagues Part 2 Bugged 

According to players worldwide, you should be able to pick it up by getting close to it.

This change in looting range is made due to some players who could obtain the item through the wall.

Nonetheless, Fixes for Colleagues Part 2 Bugged issue are as follows;

1. Get Closer

If you are trying to collect the quest item in the game, make sure to be as close to it as possible.

This may fix the bug where you could not collect the Surgery Kit in the Quest.

2. Check Twice

After you see the animation for the collection of the item, check it twice and make sure that you have obtained it.

Sometimes, the game could glitch as there would be an animation but the item wouldn’t be there with you.

3. Stable Internet Connection

Make sure to have a stable internet connection as ping matters in the game and your gameplay.

If your ping crosses 100, there might be a higher chance of you getting the animation glitches.

4. Update Your Game To The Latest

Make sure to have your game up to date so that you don’t miss the looting range change update.

Hence, go to settings and tick mark the auto-update option so that you don’t have to perform it manually.

The Bottom Line

The Colleagues Part 2 Bugged is unrelated to the game’s internal or corrupt file issues.

It is simply caused due to long-range updates and other players have been assured of being able to collect the item.

So, make sure to be close to the item to pick it up and enjoy completing the Colleagues Part 2 Quest.

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