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Discover The New Speed Glitch In Lethal Company

Players have discovered a new glitch in Lethal Company that temporarily boosts their character speed.

Users can exploit this glitch for fast travel or to escape monsters in the game.

In Lethal Company, players can perform the speed glitch by placing and removing a ladder in the cupboard and then picking it up in an empty hand. However, players must note that this glitch might be removed in the next update.

Continue reading this article to learn about the new speed glitch in Lethal Company.

What Is Speed Glitch In Lethal Company?

There are many version of speed glitches in Lethal Company that increases the character’s speed.

Normally, players have a set default character speed that is scaled with the monster’s speed to give the best experience.

However, the Speed glitch bypasses this rule to provide an unfair advantage to players during the game.

Speed glitch lethal company
Attempting to activate the speed glitch in the game.

Therefore, the game developers quickly solve this glitch as soon as they discover it in the game.

Nevertheless, players are finding new versions of the speed glitch through countless experiments.

Currently, the most popular glitch in the game is the cupboardladder speed glitch.

This glitch can temporarily boost a player’s speed while the player is holding a ladder.

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How To Perform Speed Glitch In Lethal Company?

There are various steps that players must follow to activate the speed glitch in Lethal Company. They are:

  1. Firstly, players must possess the Ext. ladder as only this item activates the glitch.
  2. Secondly, they must store and un-store the ladder in the spaceship’s cupboard.
  3. Then, players must switch to their empty hands to enjoy the boosted speed from the glitch.
    Switching to ladder to stop the Speed Glitch
    Switching to the ladder in the hand to stop the Speed Glitch.
  4. Also, players can bring up the ladder once again to stop the speed effect.
  5. However, the glitch stops working if they drop the ladder on the ground, requiring re-activation.

Nevertheless, players must be quick to exploit this glitch while they can as it might be removed in the future.

Can You Get Banned For Performing Speed Glitch?

To simply answer the question, players won’t be banned for using the speed glitch in the game.

In fact, the glitch information only reaches the developers if it becomes popular in the community.

Moreover, since Lethal Company is not a PvP game, it does not pose a threat at all.

Also, Indie games are known for letting players enjoy these exploits for a while as they bring enjoyment.

But like every glitch, they are shortlived as they break the game environment and platform.

In summary, players can use the glitch as long as they want until the developers remove it from the game.

The Bottom Line

The new glitch in Lethal Company allows players to gain superhuman speed in the game.

However, this glitch takes out the fun aspect of the game as the monsters can’t keep up.

Therefore, players are better off avoiding this glitch to truly enjoy the thrill of Lethal Company.

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