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An Ultimate Guide to Setup a Gaming Room for Couple

Are you looking to set up a gaming room for a couple so you can stay in and play games together?

Look no further because this guide will provide a complete guide to setting up a gaming room for two.

Remember, a gaming room for a couple should have the right mood and significant functional space.

The gaming room for a couple usually measures 100 ft2 to 120 ft2, with a single or double gaming console, a separate or shared desk, multiple monitors, and comfortable gaming chairs with mood-enhancing lighting.

Gaming room for two
Gaming room for two (Source: Reddit)

However, creating a shared gaming space that ought to be shared by two people can invite a lot of trouble and disagreement.

Consider reading this guide to find out how to organize the gaming room layout for the couple properly.

How to Setup a Gaming Room for Couple (An Ultimate Guide)

Lately, a couple of gaming has been a thing. Many couples who are ardent gamers share a common gaming space to take on all kinds of virtual enemies and unravel puzzles together.

Therefore, your couple’s gaming room should be more than a regular space. It should be a place where you can engage in countless hours of comfortable gaming,

Here are some critical steps to setting up a perfect gaming room for a couple, even when you are not on the same team.

1. Gaming Room Layout

The gaming room layout will depend on the available floor and wall space so that you can fit essential items.

Distance between the two players is a significant concern, and you should determine how far you want to sit from each other.

A space or room measuring anywhere from 100 ft2 to 120 ft2 would be appropriate for setting up a gaming station for two.

Gaming for two
Gaming for two (Source: PlanYourRoom)

On the other hand, planning a multiplatform setup for two people would require additional space, anywhere between 144 ft2 to 180 ft2.

Linda Chechar, a decoration enthusiast, shares her room setup idea; Several things need consideration when putting a room together: traffic patterns, seating arrangements, and determining the function of the space.

Here are a few points to remember.

  1. Establish Focal Points: A gaming room should have a focal point or wall where you can either set up your gaming station or display collectibles.
  2. Embrace Balance: Balance your gaming room by embracing symmetry and creating a balance between the items and space.
  3. Consider Traffic Flow: As a rule of thumb, allow approximately three feet of space around seating and furniture to ease traffic flow.
  4. Create Functional Zones: Don’t Forget the Walls: Strike a balance by equally using your walls for decoration, storage, lighting, and display.

Read our blog to learn more about the average gaming room sizes for single or multiple gamers.

2. Shared or Separate Gaming Desk

Deciding on the gaming desk would depend on whether you choose to play the same game and are comfortable sitting close to each other.

A single gaming desk would measure anywhere between 12.5 ft2 to 13.5 ft2. Add two of them with one gaming chair each; it would quickly take up significant space in the room.

Double gaming console
Double gaming console (Source: Unsplash)

Not all couple gamers would be willing to sit close to each other to avoid peeking.

On the other hand, some couple gamers would choose to sit separately for comfort and space to move around.

If small space is an issue, consider introducing a long or L-shaped desk to accommodate both players and their consoles. To resolve the issue of privacy, add a divider in between. Voila!

Similarly, another deciding factor is whether you wish to share the same gaming console.

Sharing the same gaming console would require sitting together. Otherwise, gamers with individual consoles can choose to sit separately.

Here are a few ideas for shared and separate gaming desks.

Gaming DeskSpecificationImage
VECELO L Shaped Computer Corner Desk (Shared)L-shaped home office desk with a 59-inch wide surface on both sides for two gamers
Double Computer Desk (Shared)109-inch long double computer desk with individual storage shelves and spacious legroom perfect for two gamers
Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk (Separate)The 55-inch wide gaming desk consists of 60% metal and 40% particle board, perfect for a single user
Avatar Battlestation L-Shape Gaming Desk (Separate)54-inch wide L-shaped gaming desk with LED lighting and intelligent power hub

Find out how big a gaming desk you need for multiple monitor setup

3. Comfortable Gaming Chair

Remember, gaming requires a comfortable chair that provides support and agility to move, shift, and tile in between the game.

A perfect gaming chair ensures that the gamer is as comfortable as possible, so they would not need regularly adjust their position.

Gaming chair
Gaming chair (Source: Unsplash)

Thomas Klein from Need for Seat points out that the main secret with gaming chairs is that the backrest is much higher than a regular office chair to help keep your back straight.

Look for a convenient gaming chair with adjustable seat height, lumbar support, neck or head support, leg support, and armrest.

Here are a few recommendations.

Gaming ChairSpecificationImage
DXRacer Formula Series NewedgeIt boasts an ergonomic design with patented race car seat material for additional comfort
RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing StyleA reclining gaming chair with plush removable headrest pillow and sides
Hbada Gaming ChairGaming chair with height-adjustable headrest and lumbar support

4. Gaming Room Equipment

Gaming room equipment accounts for every essential item that creates a gaming environment.

From gaming desks, chairs, storage and shelves, and game consoles to wide gaming monitors, speakers, power hubs, and lighting.

Adding more than required will create clutter and ruin the gaming room decor.

Gaming room setup
Gaming room setup (Source: Unsplash)

Moreover, you do not want to buy too much stuff and miss out on the items that make a game room functional.

Instead, focus on this essential equipment to set up a gaming room.

Interior and furnitureAdd the most spacious gaming desk for two, a comfortable gaming chair with adequate cushion and lumbar support.
Ultra-Wide Gaming monitorAn ultra-wide gaming monitor is a must for gaming. Choose whether you need single or multiple monitors for each gamer.
Ultra-Wide LED TVAdding a TV provides an entertainment center to take a break from gaming and enjoy sports or movies together.
LightingA gaming room needs ambient and accent lighting to illuminate the space and create a mood.
Blackout BlindsChoose appropriate blackout blinds or curtains to cover the windows to block sunlight.
HeadphoneTwo people gaming will be noisy; hence, decide whether you would need headphones to cancel background noise.
Gaming Console/PCYou can either buy gaming consoles like X-box, PS, etc. or install a high-spec CPU
PeripheralsAdditionally, a gaming mouse pad, gaming mouse, power hub, etc., are vital for a gaming room.

Note: Invest in a great power cable management system to reduce wire clutter and keep your gaming room tidier.

5. Storage and Display Space

Although secondary, storage and display space can help level up your gaming room.

A display shelf would be great if you like displaying items on the walls, such as collectibles or merchandise.

Similarly, storage units such as shelves, wall counters, floating shelves, etc., will help store all kinds of items.

Beautiful wall shelve
Beautiful wall shelve (Source: Pexels)

Gamers with a significant budget can also consider adding a refrigerator or mini-fridge in the gaming room to relish cold drinks and alcohol while gaming.

Users with minimal gaming rooms should opt out of expensive and heavy storage units, as they can significantly compromise the gaming room space.

6. Ambient and RGB Lighting

Lighting is another crucial aspect of gaming room decoration. Not only does it illuminate the functional space, but it also helps elevates the mood.

Leveling up the lighting will help provide a pleasing ambiance, add personality, and create spotlight effects to beat boredom.

Gaming desk with RGB lighting
Gaming desk with backlit RGB lighting. (Source:

Here are a few recommendations and tips for gaming room lighting.

Gaming Room LightsFeatures
SkylightsSkylight generates patterns of the star-filled night sky, galaxies, and asteroids in different variations
Laser lightsLaser light adds vibrant RGB colors to your gaming room. Choose from small to larger laser beam lights
LED lightsLed can be used for both ambient and task lighting to create a soft and relaxing environment
Fan lightsFanlight is appropriate for cooling consoles and computers. Choose fan light with RGB lighting
Projection lights Projection light adds the layer and ambiance to an existing gaming room lighting

7. Soundproofing Gaming Room

One thing gamers hardly consider is soundproofing their gaming room to keep noises away.

Gaming is a serious affair that requires your attention. Imagine the loud noise of a car honking outside while battling on Level 10 of Warcraft!

Similarly, you would not want the gaming sound seeping out of the room and disturbing other family members.

Here are a few ways to soundproof your gaming room. Therefore, pay attention to soundproofing your gaming room to create a perfect environment.

  • Adding soft and fluffy items to a room help conceal the sound, such as plush rugs.
  • Use heavy curtains over your window.
  • Install a sound-dampening blanket to cover empty corners.
  • Alternatively, consider adding high-quality acoustic panels on walls and ceilings to create a recording studio-like environment.

Key Takeaways on Setting up Couple Gaming Room

Here are some dos’ and don’ts about setting up a couple of gaming rooms.

  • Carefully plan your room layout before buying equipment, furniture, seating, etc.
  • Choose from multiple seating styles; side by side, facing each other, facing each other’s back, 135 degrees to each other, or random.
  • Decide on the color scheme and choose appropriate lighting options; led lighting for ambient atmosphere and laser, sky, or projection light for decoration.
  • Talk with your partner to create color combinations that define your focal wall.
  • Invest in power cable management to hide wire clutters from the desk and floor.
  • Look for discounts and sales on websites to purchase all the reasonably priced items.
  • You can always add or remove items from the room, as a gaming room is an ongoing process.

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You are making an excellent choice by creating a dedicated gaming space for the couple.

Not only do you spend time together playing games, but you also find a private space to relax and unwind.

Keep in mind the overall space, the distance between two seating, power, lighting, noise reduction, and visual decoration appeal to both gamers. Use this guide as a reference for setting up a complete gaming space.

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