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7 Tips to Design a Family Gaming Room

Are you looking to set up a family game room where you can indulge with your family and ensure everyone has a fun time playing games together?

If so, transforming a spare room into a family game room and adding gaming equipment and amenities would be great.

You can create a family game room by converting a spare or unused space and adding game equipment, a sitting facility, an entertainment unit, and amenities that will keep your family engaged for hours.

However, remember to organize a stimulating environment by creating engaging decor.

Read on to find some proven ideas to create the perfect game room design you crave.

How to Turn a Regular Room into a Family Game Room?

Each home should have a room where a family can come together and enjoy playing games; unfortunately, very few homeowners have ever built a shared game space.

A man cave would not necessarily qualify as a family game room because you need a shared game space that easily fits multiple members and has games that everyone can play.

Moreover, the family game room should be fitted with entertainment amenities, comfortable seating, and other items that create the right ambiance.

A complete game room
A pool is a piece of perfect gaming equipment. (Source: Unsplash)

The first step is to figure out a room with significant space, set up the room decor, and add necessary gaming items.

In addition, a chair, couch, or sofa would solve the problem of sitting, an ultra-wide monitor and speakers would cover entertainment, and a desk or table will do for the board games.

Since the purpose of this room is to create a shared game space, you should ensure to get rid of anything that does not help with the game space.

Continue reading to find out the average size of your gaming room.

What Should You Put in a Family Game Room?

A family game room does not necessarily have to be only about the game; you can choose to make it versatile.

Combine all your favorite games and creative outlets by creating an ultimate entertainment or relaxing space.

Here is the list of items that will complete your family game room. You are free to pick yours!

1. Gaming Equipment

A family gaming room will not be complete without the gaming items; therefore, you should keep them on your bucket list.

Gaming equipment accounts for all the game items; however, when it comes to family gaming space, you should be careful to pick games everyone can play.

Here are a few picks.

Board gamesLudo, Mousetrap, Cluedo, and Monopoly
Physical skillJenga, Pinball machine
Foosball machine, Arcade game machine, and Domino
CardsPlaying card, Uno, and Poker game set
Computer GameX-box, PS, and PC gaming
OthersPool table and Mancala

These games can accommodate more than two users at a time; hence, you need not leave out a family member.

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2. A Gaming Desk

A gaming desk or any regular desk must be in the family game room to accommodate tabletop games such as cards, board games, Jenga, etc.

Regarding family games, you should choose a large desk that can fit more than two people, but a large dining desk may take up significant floor space.

Keep in mind its use!

Number of people a dining table could fit
A large dining table can fit more members. (Source: Dimension)

A small desk measuring 76 x 107 cm would only be sufficient for two members but a large family.

Look for a large desk with significant dimensions, such as a dining table measuring at least 76 x 152 cm, that would easily accommodate 4-6 people.

Different table sizes for family members
Here are the sizes of the desk and the number of people it can fit. (Source:

A desk measuring 72″ inches (6 feet) would comfortably accommodate 2-3 family members and the games they could play over it.

Read our blog about using a dining table for family gaming and a standard gaming desk size.

3. Comfortable Seating

If your family gaming room is spacious enough, you can choose comfortable seating to make the game experience more fun.

Using Bean bags and floor cushions are two easy options that do not take up significant floor space.

Otherwise, you can consider adding a single or large sofa and couches to make seating more comfortable.

Bean bag for comfortable gaming
A bean bag may be a comfortable seating option for gamers. (Source: Pixabay)

First, a large sofa and couch for the theater room may work great for long movie marathons after the game.

Second, single wooden chairs may work great when all you do is play board games.

Continue reading to learn how to make your regular wooden chair more comfortable.

4. Entertainment Units

When setting up a family game room, do not forget about entertainment units because you may also use binge-on movies and watch sports.

Consider adding a large 4K TV in the center or corner of the room.

Netflix on TV
A person is watching Netflix on TV. (Source: Unsplash)

You can mount it on the wall to save prestigious floor space or place it atop a desk.

You can also top it off with surround speakers to create a complete home theater ambiance.

5. Storage and Amenities

Finally, consider adding storage units to store the items when unused.

A wall-mounted shelf or built-in shelving works best to keep items without taking up significant floor space.

Regarding amenities, you can notch up your family game room with a minibar, projector, and cocktail corner.

A minibar for a family gaming room is indeed a terrific option. (Source: Unsplash)
Pro Tip: Keep in mind the space, budget, and preference to find the perfect and only needed items.

Family Game Room Budget

Usually, it takes anywhere from $3,000 to $34,000 to create a game room, accounting for games, decor, sitting, and amenities.

However, the cost will largely depend on the game room your desire.

  • Gaming tables would cost $1,000-$2,000, while board games would come at $20-$45.
  • Game consoles can be expensive and cost $200-$500.
  • A family sofa would go from $500 to $5,000, while chairs would come for $50-$150.
  • A mini-fridge would come for $249, and a 4K TV may cost anywhere between $200 to $500.

7 Tips to Design a Perfect Family Gaming Room

As you have already decided to create a family gaming room, let us delve into how to create the perfect ambiance and decor.

1. Choose a Game Room Theme

No game rooms start without choosing a theme first; otherwise, your family gaming room may look like any other room in the House.

The decor you choose for the family gaming room would reflect the atmosphere and ambiance.

Gaming room theme
Keep the gaming room theme as per your preference. (Source: Unsplash)

As you would be indulging in indoor games, you should be wary about choosing dark themes unless all of you are video gamers.

Here are some theme ideas for your family gaming room.

  • Old-school Arcade: The retro arcade theme never goes out of style. Put on some neon light and focus light strategically to create the 80s-like ambiance.
  • Sports Center Room: If you ever visit a sports center, you will see a lot of collectibles and memorabilia on the walls.
  • Theater Room: A theater-like decor would work if your family gaming room is also used for watching movies.
  • Pool Table Room: Put a focus lighting at the center, just above the game table, and move the seating and decor to the sides.
  • Game Equipment Decor: Decorate the wall with actual game items such as ping pong balls, baseball, and sports wall art.
Read on to discover effective tips to improve gaming room aesthetics.

2. Organize the Room

A disorganized gaming room will look clumsy, cluttered, and uncomfortable.

Therefore, you should keep organization at the top of your bucket list.

  • Games, seating, and a table or desk will take over most space in any gaming room. Therefore, pay special attention to the type of games, seating, and desk you choose.
  • Get a wall or built-in shelves to store gaming items and equipment whenever you are not playing.
  • Mount the entertainment center on the wall to save floor space.
  • Choose small seating items like chairs or bean bags if your gaming room is extra small; otherwise, you can add a couch or sofa.
  • Clean the room regularly and remove the items you do not need anymore to clear the clutter.
Read on to discover why your desk is always messy and how to organize an L-shaped desk properly.

3. Setup Proper Lighting

Setting up proper lighting is key to creating a perfect gaming room ambiance.

Moreover, the excellent lighting in the room will help reduce screen-induced eye strain.

It may be best to harness natural lighting to brighten the space.

  • Otherwise, you can install flush lights on the ceiling to create ambient brightness.
  • LED strips, overhead lighting, or even disco lights can create a fun game room ambiance.
  • However, remember, RGB lighting can strain the eyes. Therefore, always use bright ambient lights to play games.
  • For additional decor, consider installing lava lamps or string lights on the walls, corners, and ceiling to create excellent lighting.
RGB lighting in gaming room
RGB lighting plays a vital role while gaming.
Read on to discover the best lighting tips for your home office setup.

4. Maximize the Space

No space is big enough to create the complete family game room you desire, but you can always look to maximize the area to make the best use of it.

Make the best use of the space by making it versatile, as in creating a multi-purpose room.

When you are not playing, you should readily be able to transform it into something else, such as a theater room, recreation room, or Party room.

  • Use items you can convert to something else, such as a convertible chair or desk, or fold away when not used.
  • Add a pool table that transforms into a regular desk.
  • Use a mini fridge in the room, so you need not fetch cold drinks and snacks from the kitchen.
  • Add a TV, so you can use it to watch movies and live sports.
  • Use a sofa that turns into a bed or oversized couch.
  • Arcade and foosball games may take up loads of space. Add wheels to move it to the corners when not in use.
Maximize game room space
Maximize the area in the miniature gaming room. (Source: Pixabay)

5. Choose Comfort Over Style

A stylish game room may look but will often compromise space and comfort. Comfort is the key when it comes to the family gaming room.

  • Always add enough seating to accommodate everyone, such as a sofa or couch for more than three users.
  • A cocktail bar may sound incredible, but it will take up significant floor space. Instead, add a mini-fridge or minibar.
  • A long table can be used to play games and keep drinks and snacks, but for a small room, it may be wise to choose smaller gaming desks or use the floor instead.
  • A pool table may be an excellent idea, but if your family rarely plays it, it’s best to avoid it.

Similarly, you can avoid decorations that are taking up significant space.

6. Consider Game Room Audio

Remember to boost the audio fixture in the room so you can enjoy music while playing games, watching movies, and playing computer games.

Spend on some best gaming sound systems for an immersive experience.

Lastly, consider soundproofing your family gaming room if you do not wish to disturb other family members,

Here are some ways to soundproof your room.

7. Decorate the Game Room

Once you are done choosing the family gaming room theme, consider decorating the room to create a correct ambiance.

Decorating the game room may also significantly improve functionality and storage.

Here are a few proven tips to decorate your family game room.

  • Create focal walls by painting one wall differently from the rest. Set up an entertainment center or sit at the focal wall.
  • Add wall art and wall decors that complement the game room. Sports Memorabilia and posters would be a good choice.
  • Decorate the empty wall space by adding shelves to place collectibles, sporting, and other decorative items.
  • Adding RGB and neon lighting would also work to create an ambiance, especially when computer gaming and watching movies.
  • For a more classic look, go for rustic ideas such as oversized windows with surrounding wood panels, chandeliers, wood parquet flooring, and reclaimed wood furniture.
  • Adding a fish tank may elevate the decor with live animals.
  • You can choose a gambling den or casino decor with poker tables, cocktail bars, leather chairs, and slot machines for display if you are a gambler.
  • For the game room intended for kids, keep the colors bright and decorations minimal, so they do not accidentally break them.

Final Verdict

Creating a family gaming room can become the best way to connect with your family and sometimes friends over the games.

Therefore, look towards creating a recreation room everyone loves spending time in.

Pay special attention to theme, game types, movability, sitting options, decor, and amenities.

Please drop your comment to let us know how your family game room is faring.

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