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What is the Ideal Desk Size for Three Monitors Setup?

Generally, people work with one monitor setting. However, if you are a gamer, programmer, or doing any work that requires viewing multiple pages or screens at a time, you might need two or three monitors to work efficiently.

Generally, a desk with a depth of 35 inches and a length of 65 inches is ideal for a three-monitor setup. The size is big enough to fit three monitors and other equipment like a mouse, keyboards, etc. Besides, the Desk’s shape, material, and space play a role in choosing the ideal workspace for a triple monitor setup.

Desk facing window
You can fit three monitors in 60 inches long and 35 inches wide desks properly.

If you are looking for a desk with three monitor settings, you are in the right place.

This article shall detail the right desk size, factors that need to be considered while choosing a desk, and many more.

Best Desk Size for Three Monitor Setup

A desk at least 65 inches long is required for a three-monitor computer desk.

Because three in-line screens are required, most three-monitor workstations are about 55 inches long.

A desk less than 50 inches in length is considered too tiny. This is why having a workstation with sufficient space for three monitors is always a must.

Monitor sizeRecommended Desk Size (length)Recommended Desk Size (width)Fitting Monitor number
20 – 22 inches58 inches30 inchesThree monitor plus equipments
23 – 24 inches63 inches30 inches Three monitor plus equipments
25 – 27 inches66 inches30 inches Three monitor plus equipments
28 – 30 inches78 inches35 inchesDual monitor plus equipments

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10 Things to Consider While Buying a Desk for Three Monitors Setup

Let’s look at a few things to consider while purchasing a desk for a triple monitor setup.

1. Size of the Desk

To work comfortably while using a three-monitor set, you should have a large desk to fit the Monitor and other equipment like keyboards and the mouse.

Generally, a standard Executive desk with a width of up to 40 inches is built to keep one computer. A larger framework is needed for three displays.

Searching for a 55-60 inches long and 30-40 inches deep desk would be best. LCD screens take up less area.

Thus they can fit on even the tiniest of tables. So, firstly, you must know the size of the Monitor you want to use in the setup.

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2. Space Available on the Desk

While fitting the monitors on your Desk, you should consider space; if the monitors barely fit, you will not have enough space to use them freely or have enough space for other equipment.

If the Desk is too small due to limited room space, consider the extra space at the Desk’s back and sides.

Again, it would be best to use a stand to fit all three monitors on a small desk.

When using different setups with stands, choose the optimum space-saving one yet placed at a comfortable height and angle.

3. Sturdiness of the Desk

While using the triple monitor setup, it’s not only the monitor’s weight that users should consider.

The combined weight of monitors and all other equipment should be considered. For instance, printers can be quite heavy.

You would not want your Desk to collapse of all that weight. Furthermore, not all desks are made sturdy.

Some desks, like Medium Density Fiberboard, are not strong enough to withstand the higher weight. Therefore, the desks should be able to comfortably hold more than 40 lbs.

Multiple monitors
A desk should be sturdy enough to hold three or more monitors.

Glass desks have less weight-bearing capacity and can shatter to pieces if overloaded.

Avoid desks with many moving components since they lose their balance and durability with time, despite how handy they are.

You can buy this Desk for Triple Monitors on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Consider checking the frame of the desk for sturdiness. Some wooden top desks mounted on thin metal frames might be weaker at the legs.

4. Desk Material

Desk material determines its strength, maintenance, appearance, and comfort. Therefore, you must consider the desk’s strength for the three-monitor setup.

Another important factor is the price which is determined by the quality of the material chosen.

For example, wood is stronger desk material than glass or metal. Furthermore, hardwoods like walnut, Ash, and Oakwood are stronger than softwoods or Plywood.

Janaka Hardness score of each wood type also varies. The higher the score, the stronger the wood.

However, if you want to consider Budget, Plywood and  Melamine-faced chipboard are cheaper options in wood.

Considering both durability and cost, wooden top desks with strong steel frames are durable and budget-friendly. Furthermore, they are easy to move around.

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5. Consider Budget

Placing two or three displays on your Desk, even if you are using a tiny monitor, might cause strain on your workstation.

Make sure you invest in a high-quality desk, even if it costs a bit more.

Buying a desk for three monitors set at a low cost is certainly not worth it. It’s too cramped to work comfortably, or it gets wobbly while working.

Also, the investment will go to waste if the Desk breaks down due to weight.

Since buying a desk is for long-term use. Therefore, you must consider the durability, size, space, and style before separating its Budget. But of course, it doesn’t mean you have to go overboard.

6. Consider the Design of the Desk

One of the essential considerations is to match the Desk’s color and style to the rest of the room’s furnishings.

A single piece of mismatched furniture may significantly impact the office atmosphere.

If you have a lot of files, books, or other items to store, choose a style with plenty of storage.

Else, go for a minimalist-style desk with no storage areas. It takes up less space and makes the Desk lighter.

Desk perpendicular to window
Choose a light-colored desk for a minimal workspace.

7. Adjustable Height

Desk with adjustable height can be adjusted according to your needs or to match your eye level. It can also be used as a standing desk when required.

But its downside is that the setting may cause the Desk to be unsteady and shaky. So, check the quality of the Desk before buying adjustable ones.

Electric height adjustable desks are the best option.

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9. Ease of Assembly

Most desks are pre-built and assembled, but some require setting them up. Consider the ease of assembly before buying such desks.

Setting up three monitors itself is difficult, and you have to consider how much display your device support. Also, consider if you need to change its position or set it in the same place.

If you need to move it frequently, buy a desk that makes setting up three monitors easier.

10. Shape of the Desk

The shape of the Desk is also an important consideration when considering rooms with limited space.

The L-shaped Desk is best for utilizing the corners of the room. It’s also good for setting up monitors side by side.

An L-shaped or U-shaped desk is best for a triple monitor setup as it allows extra space to place your monitors.

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Best Desk for Three Monitor Set Up in 2024

Some desks are best suited for three monitors set up. Recommendations are provided in the table below.

Best Desk for Triple monitors set upFeaturesDesk Dimensions
Smart Desk CornerLarge space for a computer desk, great choice for home office activity, gaming and writing workHeight: 29.4 to 48 inch
Length: 42 to 71 inch
Width: 27.5 inch
Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk1. Four USB charging ports
2. Concealed storage cabinet features stylish fluted glass door
Height: 30.16 inch
Width: ‎59.45 inch
Length: 59.45 inch
Cubiker Computer DeskSturdy and Stable Iron strut design and adjustable leg pads provide greater stability.Length: 55 inch
Width: 23.8 inch
Height: 28 inch

Adjustable Fezibo Standing Desk176 lbs Weight capacity
Electric Height Adjustable Lift
Withstand up to 176 pounds
Height: 27.76 to 46.63 inch
Length: 48 inch
Width: 24 inch
L-shaped Corner Gaming DeskMonitor shelf
Support bars
Length: 60.8 inches
Height: 29.5 inch
Width: 45 inch

Cubi Cubi L-shaped Office Computer DeskExtra space for desk accessories and DurableLength: 67 inch
Width: 47.3 inch
Height: 29.53 inch
L-shaped Green Forest Corner DeskWater and scratch-resistant
Switching from L-shape to U-shape
Length:58.1 inch
Width: 18.9 inch
L-shaped Ironstand Corner DeskDurable & Sturdy Construction with 0.59" thickness of the board is strong.Height: 28.7 inch
Width: 63 inch
Depth: 32 inch

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Final Verdict

A triple desk setup is quite useful for doing multiple works. However, fitting three monitors in a desk requires a carefully arranged setup.

Desk size determines the set up three monitors should be arranged on. The Desk should be big enough to accommodate three monitors and other equipment.

However, you can use stacking setup styles or monitor mounts to arrange them comfortably in a space crunch.

The Desk for three monitors is one with long length, durability, and is cost-effective.

You don’t have a workstation? No problem! Discover more about the desk alternatives that are perfect for you.

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