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How To Build Ship From Scratch In Starfield?

In Starfield, players can build various items, including the ship, from scratch.

Further, it allows players various customization and gives an unforgettable gaming experience. 

To build a ship from scratch in Starfield, players must approach the trade Kiosk near the ship service technician. Later, players must add or replace different ship components including cockpits, engines, paints and cargo by purchasing with the credits. 

Continue reading to learn to learn how to build the ship from scratch in Starfield.

Ship Building: Overview In Starfield

The ship or Spaceship in Starfield helps to travel in space.

Further, it also allows players to ridicule for aiming and allows you to lock on while hovering over the enemies.

When players get the first ship, they will have three weapons.

Players can either buy a premade ship or customize their ship as they want.

However, there is no option to build the ship completely from scratch, however, players can erase the overall components of the ship.

Further, players can also attach the ship’s parts to any class of the ships.

Building A ship from Scratch 

Building a ship from scratch is not as complicated as players assume.

They can showcase their creativity and customize a brand new Ship by following the procedure;

1. Visit Trade Kiosk

Players must visit the trade Kiosk’s location to start building the Ship.

The kiosk is usually located near the ship service technician.

Players can sell different items with the merchant, including the ship inventory.

If players interact with the Trader, they will provide players with multiple options and choose the second option.

Trade kiosk
Select view and modify ship

Further, the players can visit the inspection mode of the ship, where they can view models, manufacturing and models.

2. Ship Builder

If players start with the shipbuilding, they can start with building the cockpit.

Players should select the cockpit and move it aside.

starfield build ship from scratch
Building the ship’s cockpit.

Further, players should select the Add button, which will provide players with a menu of all different parts of the ship with their values.

Players can see the various components, including cockpits, cargo, engines, dockers, fuel tanks and grav drives. 

Gears, reactors, habs, structures, shields, and weapons are other factors units can build or customize. 

All these parts have various features, among which gravity drives provide an enhanced jump rate.

Further, Habs provides an exclusive interior for players, and the reactor powers the ship.

If players want a more cool-looking ship, they can opt for the structural option, which is mostly cosmetic.

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3. Add Habs 

To build the ship, players can also add Niova Galatic Habs.

Nova Galatic
Add Nova Galatic Hab for shipbuilding.

Nova Hab has multiple passenger seats and comes in different interior configurations. 

Players should also ensure the part is compatible before equipping it.

4. Increase Cargo Capacity

Like building the habs, players can also change their cargo section. 

Players can add the cargo to increase the total capacity. 

Ballast cargo hold
Increase the cargo capacity  in shipbuilding.

Players with higher credits can opt for more powerful parts in building their ship from scratch.

Further, players can build all the components, including engines and weapons, from scratch.

5. Paint The Ship

If players have changed their ship components, they can even paint the ship with the desired color.

For this, the player can select the whole ship at once or individual parts.

In addition, if players select the whole part, they should click the Color button.

starfield build ship from scratch
Select the Color Option.

Players will get different color options, hue, saturation and brightness.

After customizing the parts,  players must ensure there is no issue with the ship.

If any problem arises, players should solve the ship issue to continue the build. 

All the build entirely depends on the player’s needs and preferences, so the performance and compatibility may vary in the final look.

starfield build ship from scratch
Building Ship from Scratch.

The Bottom Line 

In Starfield, players cannot fully build the ship from scratch but can totally change the overall structure.

Players can customize engines, habs, and all other parts of the Ship by spending the rewards.

Moreover, the build is relatively cheaper and can provide the best way to give players a new look for the ship.

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