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Lily’s Spear: The Ultimate Melee Weapon In Palworld

In Palworld, Lily’s Spear stands as an ultimate melee weapon, offering unparalleled power and effectiveness in combat.

Players can equip various weapons, each with special traits where they need to reach a certain level and collect the needed materials.

Lily’s Spear is a melee weapon with a 40 Ancient tech level, which adds a distinctive touch to your arsenal.

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What Is Lily’s Spear In Palworld?

Lily’s Spear is a formidable melee weapon, which shows an impressive Ancient Tech level of 40.

Lily's Spear
Lily’s Spear amplifies the player’s combat abilities, offering a powerful and coveted tool.

This makes it a valuable asset for players seeking powerful and efficient tools for combat.

To obtain Lily’s Spear, players need to reach the required Ancient Tech level.

Similarly, they need to gather the necessary materials, adding an element of progression to the gameplay.

With its distinct characteristics, Lily’s Spear stands out as choice for players to flex and enhance their gameplay.

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How To Craft Lily’s Spear In Palworld?

Lily’s Spear is a powerful melee weapon that players can craft to enhance their battling capabilities.

Lily's Spear
Lily’s Spear is an ultimate boss melee weapon in Palworld.

To create Lily’s Spear, you’ll need specific materials, including:

  • 20 Paldium Fragments
  • 30 Refined Ingots
  • 20 High-Quality Cloth
  • 20 Ancient Civilization Parts
  • 50 Wood

Likewise, these items represent a combination of rare and common resources, showcasing the diverse crafting requirements in the game.

Obtaining these materials may involve exploration, defeating certain Pals or creatures, and gathering resources from the environment.

This weapon stands out as a formidable choice for players seeking a reliable melee weapon in their Palworld adventures.

Choosing Between Lily’s Spear And Sword In Palworld

When it comes to choosing between Lily‘s Spear and the Sword in Palworld, the decision depends on player’s combat style and priorities.

To craft the Sword it requires 30 Refined Ingots, 20 Wood, and 20 Stone to craft, showcasing a specific set of crafting materials.

However, the Sword offers the highest overall damage, making it a formidable choice for players who prioritize offensive capabilities. 

On the other hand, Lily’s Spear is a powerful melee thats offers a unique and effective option for combat scenarios.

Players may need to weigh the damage output, crafting requirements, and personal playstyle.

This helps them determine which weapon suits their preferences and objectives in Palworld.

Moreover, players in Palworld often favor the sword over Lily’s Spear.

This preference is due to its higher damage output and level 44 requirement, as opposed to Lily’s Spear’s level 40.

List Of Other Melee Weapons In Palworld

NameLevelCrafting Materials
Wooden Club 15 Wood
Stone Pickaxe15 Wood, 5 Stone
Stone Axe15 Wood, 5 Stone
Hand-held Torch12 Stone, 2 Wood
Stone Spear 46 Stone, 18 Wood
Bat730 Wood, 30 Stone
Metal Pickaxe 1115 Stone, 5 Ingot, 20 Wood
Metal Axe 1115 Stone, 5 Ingot, 20 Wood
Meat Cleaver125 Ingot, 5 Stone, 20 Wood
Metal Spear1327 Wood, 10 Ingot, 12 Stone
Stun Baton 2220 Electric Organ, 20 Ingot
Refined Metal Axe3440 Wood, 30 Stone, 10 Refined Ingot
Refined Metal Pickaxe3440 Wood, 30 Stone, 10 Refined Ingot
Refined Metal Spear 3418 Stone
10 Refined Ingot, 36 Wood
Lily's Spear40 (Ancient Tech) 20 Paldium Fragment, 30 Refined Ingot, 20 High Quality Cloth, 20 Ancient Civilization Part, 50 Wood
Sword4430 Refined Ingot, 20 Wood, 20 Stone
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