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Is Cruz Getting Permabanned in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, Bungie, the game’s developer, permanently banned the renowned player Cruz.

The ban occurred due to Bungie’s discovery of unauthorized software on Cruz’s computer during gameplay.

Similarly, this incident has ignited intense discussions among players regarding the impact of cheating on Destiny 2.

Continue reading to learn about the reasons and significance of the Ban of Cruz in Destiny 2.

Who Is Cruz In Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, Cruz is a popular player known for their exceptional achievements in high-level endgame activities.

Cruz has achieved the title of World’s First Raider an impressive four times as a member of Clan Elysium.

Likewise, it solidifies the reputation of Elysium and Cruz as a top-tier player in Destiny 2.

Cruz In Destiny 2
Cruz was widely respected within the Destiny 2 community for his exceptional skills.

Cruz has contributed to the community by crafting comprehensive guides and strategies for challenging encounters.

Further, this serves as a valuable resource for fellow players seeking to enhance their skills in Destiny 2.

However, controversy has recently emerged surrounding Cruz’s status in Destiny 2, stemming from a lifetime ban.

Reason Behind The Cruz Ban In Destiny 2

Players are going all out as Bungie announced a permanent ban on 4x-time World First Destiny 2 champion.

This announcement has sent shockwaves through the Destiny 2 community, stirring intense debate and speculations.

Similarly, here’s a detailed review of Cruz Ban from the game:

1. Discovery of Unauthorized Software

Bungie’s anti-cheat system detected unauthorized software running in the background during Cruz’s gameplay.

Ban Message From Bungie To Cruz
Bungie’s system identified the presence of software not authorized for use with Destiny 2.

Similarly, this detection prompted an automated flagging of Cruz’s account for further investigation by Bungie.

2. Allegations of Cheating

Upon closer inspection, Bungie confirmed that the unauthorized software identified was indeed ArtMoney.

This widely-known memory-editing and debugging tool is used in various online games for cheating purposes.

Likewise, ArtMoney allows users to manipulate in-game values such as currency and health points.

Further, this cheat engine provides an unfair advantage to the user.

3. Violation of Terms of Service

Bungie’s terms of service for Destiny 2 explicitly prohibit the use of any third-party software.

Similarly, modifying or altering the game’s files or mechanics is strictly prohibited in Destiny 2.

The presence of ArtMoney on Cruz’s computer while playing Destiny 2 constitutes a direct violation of these terms.

4. Confirmation of Ban

Cruz has appealed to the devs with the submission of additional evidence to conduct a thorough review of his case.

However, after careful consideration, Bungie concluded that Cruz’s use of ArtMoney constituted a clear violation.

As a result, Bungie confirmed the ban, permanently suspending Cruz’s account from accessing Destiny 2.

Will Destiny 2 Ever Unban Cruz?

Currently, it seems unlikely that Bungie will unban Cruz from Destiny 2.

Despite Cruz’s appeal efforts and the vocal support garnered from the community, Bungie has upheld the ban.

The developer’s stance stems from the seriousness of allowing any form of cheat software within the game.

Further, this could undermine the integrity of Destiny 2’s competitive environment.

Additionally, the potential ramifications of unbanning Cruz have likely factored into Bungie’s decision-making process.

Moreover, it appears unlikely that Cruz will see an unbanning from Destiny 2 in the foreseeable future.

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