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What Stats Does Queen Gibdo Wing Fuse Give?

Developed by Nintendo, Legend of Zelda: The Tears of the Kingdom is an action-packed Roleplaying Game (RPG).

The players can obtain various Armor to make them stronger.

Additionally, players can upgrade their Armor to become even stronger by fusing materials obtainable by defeating monsters.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players can defeat Queen Gibdo to obtain the Queen Gibdo Wings. Moreover, the Queen Gibdo Wings can fuse with weapons and shields to provide a massive attack power boost.

Furthermore, the Queen Gibdo Wings provide a massive forty-attack power boost when used as a fuse material.

Continue reading to learn how to obtain the Gibdo Wings and how to fuse them with your weapons.

How To Get Queen Gibdo Wings To Fuse With Items?

Players can obtain Queen Gibdo Wings by defeating the Queen Gibdo Moth.

The players can find the Queen Gibdo Moth boss in the Lightning Temple.

Queen Gibdo is a monster summoned by Ganondorf to protect a secret stone. Additionally, she is the source of the Sand Shroud and Gibdo Hordes.

Additionally, players can defeat Queen Gibdo using Lightning Damage Skills. However, other elemental damages are her weakness as well.

Furthermore, the lightning damage skills make Queen Gibdo vulnerable.

Once vulnerable, she drops to the ground in her skeletal form. However, she will eventually regenerate and return to flying.

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Where Can You Find Queen Gibdo?

The players can find Queen Gibdo in the Tears of the Kingdom in two different areas.

The first area the players can find her in is the Lightning Temple in Gerudo.

Overworld Map Location For Queen Gibdo
Overworld Map Location For Queen Gibdo

Once you defeat her in Gerudo, you can find her again in the Hyrule Depths.

However, the first encounter with Queen Gibdo is a part of the Riju of Gerudo Town Main Quest.

Depths Location For Queen Gibdo
You can find Queen Gibdo in Hyrule Depths.

What Items Can You Obtain From Queen Gibdo?

The first encounter with Queen Gibdo is under the main quest of Rihu of Gerudo Town.

However, after you defeat Queen Gibdo, you do not obtain any items as a reward.

But, after completion of the main quest, you obtain a Heart Container and the Vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning

Additionally, you can obtain two great rewards in your second encounter with Queen Gibdo in the Hyrule Depths. 

The rewards are the Queen Gibdo Wing and a treasure chest that contains a Huge Crystalized Charge

Treasure Obtained From Queen Gibdo
Treasure Reward Obtained From Queen Gibdo

What Stats Does Queen Gibdo Wing Fuse Give?

The Queen Gibdo Wing provides a massive attack damage boost of 40 when fused with items.

However, the players cannot use Queen Gibdo Wings as an upgrade material on Armor.

Furthermore, Queen Gibdo also drops a Huge Crystalized Charge, which can increase the energy cell capacity for the Zonite Batteries.

However, Queen Gibdo does not drop other materials other than the Queen Gibdo Wings and the Huge Crystalized Charge.

Thus, players who defeat the boss may not feel the encounter is as rewarding as other boss encounters.

The Bottom Line

Boss encounters tend to be the highlight of every game.

However, some boss encounters are not as rewarding as others; their rewards can be beneficial in the long run.

Hopefully, this article is helpful in finding Queen Gibdo and defeating her to obtain a reward that greatly boosts your weapons.

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