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Matchmake Crystal Chalice In HSR: Unlock Achievement

In Honkai: Star Rail(HSR), players can unlock different hidden achievements by matchmaking crystal chalices.

Similarly, the Crystal Chalice is a symbol of elegance and refinement which is crafted with precision and has intricate designs.

These crystal chalices are not just for show rather they are the key to unlocking new achievements in Honkai: Star Rail(HSR).

Continue reading to learn more about the Crystal Chalice Matchmaking in Honkai Star Rail (HSR).

What Is Crystal Chalices In HSR?

In Honkai Star Rail (HSR), Crystal Chalices are exquisite vessels that can be used for beverages.

Similarly, Crystal Chalice’s primary function is to act as a container for the beverage in Honkai Star Rail (HSR).

However, Crystal Chalice is more than just a container for beverages, they are a symbol of elegance and refinement.

Subsequently, players can use this fine material to unlock a variety of achievements in the game.

Moreover, they are not just regular cups; drinking from Crystal Chalices makes your drink even better.

Also, Crystal Chalices serve as one of the important resources for matchmaking essential ingredients.

Players can matchmake the Crystal Chalices with different drinks and fuse them to unlock various achievements.

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MatchMaking Crystal Chalice In HSR

Players can mix several drinks with a crystal Chalice and form a perfect matchmaking in Honkai Star Rail.

There are three special distinct combinations within the realm of crystal chalice matchmaking.

Matchmaking each combo is a fun experience and it gives you something cool in return upon completing it.

However, players should acquire all the right drinks and cool crystal chalice to begin the matchmaking.

Acquire Cheap Wine, Rum,  and Golden Champagne and once you have all the ingredients, you can matchmake these with Crystal Chalice.

Here are three exquisite achievements that players can unlock by matchmaking the Crystal Chalice in Honkai Star Rail.

1. Glasses In The City

Glasses In The City is the first achievement that players can unlock by matchmaking the Crystal Chalice.

Among the 228 Achievements in the category of The Memories We Share, Glasses in The City can be unlocked through the Crystal Chalice.

Glasses In The City Through Matchmaking Crystal Chalce
Players should matchmake crystal chalices with cheap wine to obtain Glasses in the City Achievement.

To unlock this achievement in Honkai Star Rail, players should matchmake a crystal chalice with Cheap Wine.

Upon unlocking this achievement through Crystal Chalice matchmaking, players can get 5 Stellar Jades as a Reward.

2. Heart Of The Rock:

Heart Of The Rock is the second achievement that can be unlocked by matchmaking the Crystal Chalice in HSR.

Likewise, Heart Of The Rock also belongs to the achievement category of The Memories We Share.

The Memories We Share
Heart Of The Rock Achievement falls under the achievement category, The Memories We Share.

Subsequently, players should matchmake a Crystal Chalice with Rum to unlock the Heart Of The Rock achievement.

Next, players can obtain the 5 Stellar Jades as a reward after successfully matchmaking Crystal Chalice with Rum.

3. The Great Champagne

The Great Champagne is the final achievement which players can unlock by matchmaking the Crystal Chalice.

Similarly, the Great Champagne also belongs to The Memories We Share Achievement Category in HSR.

To complete the matchmaking and unlock the achievement, players should mix a crystal chalice with a golden champagne.

Additionally, players receive 5 Stellar Jades as a reward upon successfully matchmaking Crystal Chalice With Golden Champagne.

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