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Explore Everything About The Organic Heart In HSR

The new update of Honkai Star Rail(HSR) will add many new items to the game, including the Organic Heart.

The Organic Heart is a Curio that can be randomly unlocked in the game.

In HSR version 1.6, the Organic Heart, crafted by Dr. Olsen, shields against the golden Dice Face, adding strategy and granting cheats after four rolls in the Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the Organic Heart in HSR.

What Is The Organic Heart In HSR?

In Version 1.6 of HSR, a new item the Organic heart is introduced.

Moreover, this unique item adds a twist to the game dynamics.

When engaged, the Organic Heart serves as a shield against the appearance of the golden Dice Face during dice rolls.

A creation of Dr. Olsen, the heart merged with an apple or an apple merged with a heart reflects the ongoing tension between organic and mechanical lifeforms.

Interestingly, after being rolled four times, the Organic Heart meets its demise, unraveling a strategic opportunity for players.

Upon destruction, the Curio generously bestows two cheat attempts, adding an intriguing layer to the gameplay.

Dr. Olsen’s involvement in the creation comes with a backstory.

The backstory is that the Machine Empire accused him of being excessively cognizant of the organic world during a war, he met a resolved fate.

However, you can only get the Organic Heart in the Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears.

The game also has a place called the Herta Space Station, where special things like the Organic Heart are treasured and studied.

organic heart hsr
The organic heart serves as a shield.
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How To Get The Organic Heart In HSR?

To get the Organic Heart in HSR, you must play in the Simulated Universe mode specifically designed for Gold and Gears.

As you explore the game, you might come across special places or events that offer a chance to obtain the Organic Heart.

Keep an eye out for clues, missions, or specific actions within the game that may lead you to this unique Curio.

New Updates In Version 1.6 HSR

In Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.6, several exciting updates have been introduced:

New Characters

  • Ruan Mei
  • Dr. Ratio
  • Xueyi
  • Blade and Kafka make a return

Light Cones

  • Past Self in Mirror
  • Baptism of Pure Thought
  • The Unreachable Side
  • Patience Is All You Need

There is a new Seclusion Zone on the Herta Space Station and a challenging Starcrusher Swarm King: Skaracabaz.

heart hsr
The new update in HSR has new characters and Light cones.

“Sim-U: Gold and Gears” introduces a dice-based gameplay for buffs.

“Pure Fiction” features continuous enemy respawns with point rewards.

Various Events Like

  • Gift of Odyssey
  • Critter Pick
  • Virtual Scentventure
  • Planar Fissure
  • Realm of the Strange

The Bottom Line

In Version 1.6 of HSR, the new Organic Heart spices up gameplay.

It shields against the golden Dice Face and offers strategic twists. 

To get the Organic Heart, explore the Simulated Universe mode in Gold and Gears.

Happy Gaming!

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