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Ways To Unlock Worm Follower In Cult Of The Lamb

The worm is an NPC in Cult of the Lamb that can be killed to obtain skeletons in the game.

These worms are similar to the Worm Follower in appearance but the difference is that Worm Follower is an achievement.

To unlock the Worm follower in Cult of the Lamb, you need to navigate to a house placed at first right and begin to break everything you see. Then check every corner and you will find the new Worm follower form.

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What Is Worm Follower In Cult Of The Lamb?

The Worm Follower is one of the intriguing companions you encounter in Cult of the Lamb.

At first, the Worm is an NPC which also can be obtained as a follower by following certain steps to find it.

Worm Follower In Cult Of The Lamb
Image of the Worm Follower in Cult of the Lamb.

This character adds a unique dynamic to your cultic adventures, assisting your journey.

Worm Followers in Cult of the Lamb typically play supportive roles assisting in combat, exploration, or other aspects.

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Where To Find Worm Follower In Cult Of The Lamb?

Worm Follower is an achievement that can be acquired in a specific location on the map.

You have to search for a certain spot where you will have 4 paths and 3 paths include icons of houses.

These paths are located in a certain location on the map as it’s unclear about the part or place as there are no tags.

Correspondingly, refer to the picture below to find the exact location from where you can obtain the Worm Follower.

Location In Map
You must first find this on your map and navigate to the location with red highlight.

How To Obtain Worm Follower?

Obtaining Worm Followers is about your interest as it displays the uniqueness of a follower in the game.

This follower is the same as others but the only difference is its skin and visual flex in Cult of the Lamb.

Follow these steps to obtain the Worm Follower:

1. Navigate To The Location

After successfully finding the spot mentioned above, navigate to the location by clicking the Visit Area option.

This will automatically load a new area filled with things spread all around the area.

Location For Worm Follower
This is the specific location where you can obtain Worm Follower.

2. Start Breaking Everything

As soon as you reach the location, start breaking everything, including boxes, flower pots, and other things.

The Worm Follower achievement is hidden somewhere in the location. So break things to find it.

Start Breaking Everything
Start breaking everything which is breakable in the location.

3. Check Every Corner

The achievement can be placed in random corners and will not be the same for every player in the game.

Therefore, check every corner by breaking everything and you will eventually find it somewhere in the corners.

4. Acquire The Worm Follower

Achieve the Worm Follower by actively following the outlined steps in a specific location.

So, enjoy owning the follower and make sure to equip it through the inventory to use it.

The Bottom Line

Players must actively search for a Worm Follower in a specific location, as it cannot be purchased through vendors.

Therefore, you must find the exact location on the map and follow the steps to find the Worm Follower.

Check every corner, and if you cannot find it, try checking the location to see if it’s correct or not, as shown above.

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