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Jefferson Peralez Choice In Cyberpunk 2077

One of the Quest in Cyberpunk 2077, Dream On uncovers a sinister truth about Jefferson Peralez and Elizabeth Peralez’s brainwashing.

V must decide one option from the choice provided whether to lie or tell the truth to Jefferson Peralez in Cyberpunk 2007.

In Cyberpunk 2077 players will be given a choice to either tell Jefferson the truth or give him the false impression that everything is okay to put his mind at ease. This choice really is important as it changes the storyline accordingly.

In this article, you will learn more about the Jefferson Peralez Choice in Cyberpunk 2077  provided and what happens when V lies or tells the truth.

Who Is Jefferson Peralez?

Jefferson Peralez is a character in Cyberpunk 2077, a detective in the NCPD (Night City Police Department) and plays an important role in the game’s side quest.

In the game, players have the opportunity to interact with Jefferson Peralez and his wife Elizabeth Peralez.

During a questline that involves uncovering a political conspiracy related to the death of Jefferson’s brother, Henry Peralez.

cyberpunk 2077 jefferson peralez choice
Jefferson Peralez is a detective in the NCPD (Night City Police Department).

Players can decide to work with Jefferson and Elizabeth to find the truth or join Elizabeth in a scheme to have Jefferson falsely accused.

The outcome of this questline depends on the player’s choices and significantly impacts the game’s narrative. 

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Who Is Elizabeth Peralez?

Elizabeth Peralez, the wife is a prominent political figure and Night City lawyer.

She devotes most of her time to campaign organization for Jefferson Peralez’s mayoral candidacy in 2077.

Elizabeth Peralez
Elizabeth Peralez is the wife of a prominent political figure and Night City lawyer.

Elizabeth is wonderfully composed, self-assured, and emotionally composed but nevertheless comes out as sincere and real.

She has a special ability to balance the idealistic ideals of her spouse with the brutal realities of Night City, which is presumably how she has succeeded in politics.

Who Is V?

V is an abbreviation for an alias for Valerie/Vincent, a protagonist and player-controlled character of Cyberpunk 2077.

A mercenary who took part in a string of unique incidents in the year 2077 that upset the balance of power in Night City.

The player can then choose the Nomad, Streetkid, or Corporate lifepath background for V.

Later V will also be given Cyberpunk 2077 Jefferson Peralez’s choice, which is crucial.

V will be in a different place in life overall, and each Lifepath will start in a distinct starting spot around Night City.

The whole storyline is affected by the character’s gender, looks, traits, perks, and Lifepaths, all of which can be changed.

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How Do They Meet V?

Elizabeth Peralez and her husband Jefferson meet V, who offers a job to investigate the death of former Night City mayor Lucius Rhyne.

They believe the media portrays his death as less clean and uncomfortable.

V learns of a cyberpsycho attack on Rhyne’s last day, and they allow V to scrutinize their activities.

Elizabeth supports their reservation and calms her husband by explaining their suspicions.

Later, Elizabeth contacts V again for an investigative role within their penthouse.

She admits to having concerns about the security firm they hired, SSI, and plans to inform her husband that SSI is spying for Holt to maintain the status quo.

Both Elizabeth and Jefferson cut holo ties to maintain the campaign’s pristine image and avoid raising suspicion.

V’s decision is important in Cyberpunk 2077 Jefferson Peralez the choice quest.

What Does V Find Out During The Investigation?

V enters the Peralez family’s apartment and finds Jefferson waiting.

They tell V about an intruder who shot Jefferson but later passed out.

V investigates, finding chaos in Elizabeth’s memory and the Peralez family’s security, knowing what happened.

In a room, they found bullet holes, blood residues, and broken smart glass.

Moreover, V finds a hidden door, but Elizabeth doesn’t know it exists.

He opens it with force or using the control room’s computer.

A strange machine with cables connects to the roof, and an old-fashioned transmitter is found.

Johnny comments on the transmitters used by Militech during the Corpo war.

A van with an antenna is found far away from the building.

The mission involves finding a transmitter, finding a van, and avoiding collisions.

The van enters a compound owned by Maelstrom and links a personal link to it.

The database shows suspects are changing Jefferson, Elizabeth, and others’ brains, causing severe memory loss.

Johnny suggests downloading the data, but it is deleted. V should call Elizabeth and wait for her at a ramen shop.

Elizabeth shares her experiences with her husband’s changing personality and asks V not to tell Jefferson the truth.

V meets Jefferson at a location, but an unknown person warns him not to tell the truth.

Cyberpunk 2077 Jefferson Peralez’s Choice

V will be given a choice: either tell Jefferson the truth or give him the false impression that everything is okay to put his mind at ease.

Cyberpunk 2077 Jefferson Peralez’s choice is a very important option given to V.

The difficulty of each of these decisions demonstrates how well-thought-out and tight Cyberpunk 2077’s quest structure is.

Given that all arguments are reasonable in their own ways, it is a truly difficult decision that is understandably difficult to make.

What Happens When V Tells The Truth To Jefferson?

The horrifying truth shocks Jefferson, who is also upset with Elizabeth for deceiving him.

Until he finds a chance to expose them and put his life and the lives of his family in danger.

He will choose to go along with the tactics of his manipulators.

What Happens When V Tells A Lie To Jefferson?

If V decides to go along with Elizabeth and tell Jefferson a lie.

Then, V informs Jefferson that there is no fresh information available.

Hence, Weldon Holt is just one of several clients who have been giving money to the SSI.

Prior to dealing with Holt, Jefferson decided to win the election.

The Bottom Line

Cyberpunk 2077 Jefferson Peralez the choice is a crucial side quest.

Players will be given a choice to either tell Jefferson the truth or give him the false impression that everything is okay to put his mind at ease.

This choice really is important as it changes the storyline accordingly.

Choosing one of any two options depends totally on the player’s mindset.

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