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Cyberpunk Patch 2.12 Update: Fixes And Enhancement

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.12 has just been released which aims to enhance the gameplay experience for players.

Similarly, this update focuses on addressing key issues reported after the previous update.

Significant improvements have been made to key binding functionality, and stuttering issues on the PC have been resolved.

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Insights Into The Cyberpunk Patch 2.12

Patch 2.12 for Cyberpunk 2077 represents a concerted effort by CD Projekt Red to address pressing concerns raised by players.

Similarly, Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.12 introduces fixes and enhancements aimed at delivering a smoother gaming experience.

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 2.12
Patch 2.12 for Cyberpunk 2077 focuses on resolving key issues reported by players after the previous update.

Here’s an in-depth look at the significant improvements and fixes introduced in this update:

1. PC-Specific Improvements

Users with AZERTY keyboards now can rebind actions like Radioport and dropping bodies to their desired keys

Similarly, a bug that hindered users from binding actions to the “T” key in the Exploration & Combat section has been remedied.

A collaborative effort with Razer has led to the resolution of a crash issue occurring with Razer Chroma-enabled devices.

Similarly, developers have removed brightness abnormalities affecting NPC hair within vehicles under Ray Tracing conditions.

Furthermore, a crash on Steam Deck while utilizing Ray Tracing has also been addressed.

2 General Improvements to All Platforms

Patch 2.12 solves the previous accessibility hurdles as players now experience seamless access to menu options, inventory, and stash.

Similarly, Patch 2.12 updated the Sonic Shock quickhack to accurately reflect behavior changes.

CD Projekt Red has substantially improved the visibility of the controller cursor across menus while players utilize computers or keypads.

However, this enhancement primarily benefits Steam Deck users but also enhances the experience for console and PC players.

Mainly, the patch solves issues leading to infinite loading, hanging, or crashing on Xbox when utilizing specific save files.

3. Quest-Specific Fixes

In quest-specific fixes, players will find notable improvements across several key missions.

This patch removes a significant progression bottleneck in “New Dawn Fades.”

Further, accessing the phone notification from the Automated Delivery System is now effortless.

In “I Can See Clearly Now,” the developers have reduced the requirement for the Body attribute check to move the dumpster.

“I Walk the Line” sees adjustments to Sasquatch’s jump attack to ensure it consistently registers as a hit and deals damage as intended.

Finally, the developers have effectively resolved an issue with the conversation trigger involving Reed in Nocturne Op55N1.

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Cyberpunk Patch 2.12 Enhancements 

Introducing the Cyberpunk 2.12 Patch, a significant update that brings targeted enhancements to Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay experience.

In this latest release, developers have meticulously addressed specific issues and introduced key improvements.

Further, they have reflected a proactive approach to refine the game’s mechanics and enhancing player engagement.

Similarly, here are some specific enhancements that Cyberpunk 2077 2.12 Patch offers:

1. Sonic Shock Recategorization

In Patch 2.12, the developers reclassify Sonic Shock as a Covert quick hack, emphasizing its strategic significance in stealth gameplay.

Sonic Shock Recategorization
Sonic Shock utilizes high-frequency sound waves to temporarily disable an enemy.

Further, this encourages players to employ it for silent takedowns or disabling enemies discreetly. 

2. Elimination of Immortal Enemies

The patch removes immortal enemies further enhancing game challenge and immersion.

Players now can rely on combat skills and tactics to defeat enemies.

Similarly, it demonstrates proactive measures to address potential exploits or glitches disrupting gameplay balance.

3. Colorblind Mode Fix

CD Projekt Red has now fixed the Colorblind Mode which ensures an enjoyable experience for colorblind players.

Moreover, this fix reflects attention to detail in enhancing the gaming experience for all users by providing inclusivity.

4. BioDyne Berserk Enhancement

Players benefit from the resolution of the BioDyne Berserk perk bug which enhances combat effectiveness.

Further, this reflects responsive development to player feedback and gameplay data.

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