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Madrigal Dreamlight Valley: Complete Bring Some Gifts Duties

In Dreamlight Valley, players need to complete duties and one of them is “Bring your favorite Madrigal some gifts“.

Furthermore, players need to bring four favorite gifts for Mirabel to complete the duties.

Moreover, players can only give three gifts per day and need to wait next day to give the fourth one.

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Who Is Mirabel In Dreamlight Valley?

Mirabel is a character from Disney’s animated film “Encanto.”

Mirabel is a charismatic and lovable character in Dreamlight Valley, known for her boundless energy and unwavering optimism.

In the Dreamlight Valley universe, Mirabel plays a vital role in bringing happiness and harmony to the magical world around her.

Players can engage with Mirabel in various quests and activities, forming a special bond with her.

Mirabel is a villager in Dreamlight Valley.

What is Bring Your Favorite Madrigal Some Gifts In Dreamlight Valley?

The “Bring your favorite Madrigal some gifts” is one of the duties that players need to complete in Dreamlight Valley.

It is from the Lovely Monsters Star Path which brings the new characters Mike and Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Furthermore, the duty is to give four favorite gifts to Mirabel, with per day three gift.

However, players need to gather all the favorite items for Mirabel within the Dreamlight Valley.

Bring Your Favorite Madrigal Some Gifts
Bring Your Favorite Madrigal Some Gifts Duties in Dreamlight Valley.
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Complete Bring Your Favorite Madrigal Some Gifts In Dreamlight Valley

Here are the steps to complete Bring Your Favorite Madrigal Some Gifts duty in Dreamlight Valley:

1. Gather Required Items

Players need to gather all four items by exploring the Dreamlight Valley world.

Some of the items are:

  1. Spaghetti Arrabbiata: It is a savory dish of pasta and tomato sauce.
  2. White Bell Flower: It is a beautiful white flower shaped like a bell.
  3. Onion Puffs: It is an appetizer meal made with Onion, Egg, and Cheese.

2. Give Gifts To Mirabel

After gathering all the required items for Mirabel go to her and give all the gifts.

This will make her happy and she will jump around while enjoying the gifts.

However, to complete the challenge you need to give four gifts but you are only allowed to give three at a day.

Give Gifts to Mirabel
Give Gifts to Mirabel and complete the duties.

So, comes back the next day and sees the required item which is her favorite gift.

Collect the required item and give it to Mirabel which will complete the duty.

Furthermore, this will reward you with five Scream Canister Tokens.

With the Scream Canister Tokens players can use this to level up their Monsters, Inc. characters.

Other Duties In Dreamlight Valley

There are many other duties that players can complete in Dreamlight Valley.

Here are some of the duties in Dreamlight Valley:

  1. Complete Dreamlight Duties: You must complete a total of 10 Dreamlight Duties or Mist Duties.
  2. Make small talk: Talk to the villagers twice a day.
  3. Earn some Star Coins: You need to make 5,000 Star coins.
  4. Get some very valuable rocks: Get 30 gems from the mine.
  5. Uproot the Forgetting: Remove 50 Night Thorns.
  6. Break some rocks: Find 40 rocks and mine them.
  7. Build stuff: Craft ten items at the crafting station.
  8. Dig for something blue: You need to mine blue gems such as Sapphire and Vitalys Crystal.
  9. Have a chat with a demigod: You need to have discussions with Maui twice a day.
  10. Spend time with a tiny chef: Spend 15 minutes with Remy.
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