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Cydonia Ship Technician: Location And Ships

The Cydonia ship Technician is one of the in-game characters in Starfield.

Players can interact with various characters to trade items, obtain the mission or engage in other in-game activities.

Cydonia Ship Technician is one of the ship service centers to customize, repair, buy, modify and sell the ship. The NPC can be seen in the Mars Sol system near the Mining Colony.

Continue reading to find the location, the cause of rendering, and items players can get from the Cydonia Ship Technician in Starfield.

Ship Technician In Starfield 

Ship Technicians in Starfield are probably the most essential characters in the game.

Players can find the technicians on more than planets, including Mars, Sol, Jemison, Titan and Deimos.

With the help of the technicians, players can buy new ships or even sell them for credit.

Players can buy the best and Most Expensive Ship, including Abyss Trekker, Narwhal and Star Eagle, from the technicians.

Ship service technician starfield
Visit the ship service technician  for customization.

The ship technicians can come in handy when players are unable to get new ships after failing to solve the mission.

Moreover, the technicians allow players to build, customize or repair the damaged ship.

The customization will grant players an upper hand in battle and enhance the exterior and interior parts of the ship.

Players can upgrade or change different parts of the spaceships, including the docker, landing bay, cockpit and habitat.

Moreover, players can manually build the weapon deployer, engine, shield generator and grab drivers. 

In addition, players can even increase the crew members’ holding space, cargo and fuel capacity.

The parts should be attached; if there is a Ship Unattached Module error, ensure to opt for another item.

Lastly, players who want to sell any new ship must first register them and only be able to sell for around 2000 credit profit.

Cydonia Ship Technician  

The Cydonia ship’s location is in the Sol System of Mars.

Moreover, the ship technicians in all locations, including the Cydonia, are pretty much similar to the features they provide. 

However, the availability of the ship parts, the list of new ships and the selling prices may differ from various locations. 

You will get ships in Cydonia players, including Longsword, Responder, Gladius, Kfir, and Rambler.

The most expensive ship found there is Marathon for 143503 credits, but the technician lacks some exclusive ship parts.

In addition, players can get a discount if they also have a higher ranking in commerce skills.

Players exclusively searching the ship can explore the location; those who are looking for modification can visit the nearest ship services.

Reaching the Cydonia Ship Technician Location

If players are willing to visit Cydiona’s ship technician’s locations, ensure to follow the steps.

When players are in the Sol system, search for the Mars planet located at the bottom left.

cydonia ship technician
Search for Cydonia on Mars.

Mars is a habitable planet where players can see various characters and play multiple quests in the location.

There, players will see multiple locations, including Cydonia and the unlocked options; ensure to choose the Cydonia option.

Further, players should land on the location and search for the Mining Colony Of Cydonia

They will see the ship service technician if they head towards the slope location.

cydonia ship technician
Ship service technician in Cydonia.

If players are unable to find the technician, they render through locations close by due to glitches.

Exploring the Martian desert area will probably help meet the character.

The Bottom Line

The Cydonia’s ship technician can be an excellent option for players opting for trading, customizing and repairing the ship.

Players will get unique ships like Marathon and Rambler and even sell any ship players own.

Moreover, players also have alternatives, including the Den, Akila City, Paradiso, and Neon, to craft other ships.

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