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Why Is Dammon Not At Last Light Inn In BG3?

Throughout the story of Baldurs Gate 3, you will meet several unique NPCs, one of which is Dammon. 

Players have recently been complaining that one of the important character in the game, Dammon is not at Last Light Inn.

Dammon is not at Last Light Inn because of a bizarre ox attack and the murder that has sparked outrage in gaming communities.

In this article, you will learn about Dammon not being at Last Light Inn.

Who Is Dammon In BG3?

An Asmodeus tiefling who participates in important operations and impacts the future is named Dammon, the infernal mechanic.

The infernal mechanics manufactures weapons and engines as well as a vendor of numerous goods.

dammon baldurs gate 3
Dammon is one of the important characters in BG3.

Crossbows, the Arrow of Limater, Greataxes, Handaxes, Spears, Rapiers, Quarterself, and Hamlets are some things players can acquire.

According to the statue, the Asmodeous can be located in one of three places.

He can be found in Druid’s Grove, Last Light Inn, and Lower City from Act 1 to Act 3.

When Karlach is a player’s companion, Dammon can also reappear in the Hellion heart task.

In order to help Karlach put the engine heart in her body, players must locate Dammon in the Last Light Inn.

By passing past the Reithwin Tollhouse and Ruined Battlefield, the Dammon will be inside an open hall in the forge in Light Inn.

This guide explains where to find the infernal mechanic in Acts 1, 2, and 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

In case certain fans have trouble finding him due to the location change.

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What Happens In The 1st And 2nd Encounter With Dammon?

Soon after beginning your explorations in the northwest corner of Emerald Grove, you will come face-to-face with Dammon for the first time. 

However, you can do this only after enlisting Karlach as a companion and gathering some Infernal Iron.

As we already mentioned, Dammon is a skilled blacksmith who uses infernal iron to reduce the heat of hell’s engine somewhat.

1st Encounter With Dammon

Once you accept the mission The Hellion’s Heart, you can locate it on the map.

It is important to note that there is no certainty that you will see Dammon in the first act.

For instance, there is a good probability that Dammon and the other Tieflings have departed Druid Grove.

If you enlist Karlach after visiting the goblin camp, then you won’t be able to finish the companion task.

However, if you move quickly, you might be able to find this person at work when the Tieflings have virtually all departed the Grove.

He can assist you and is a bit late, and if you still meet with Dammon, he cools down Karlach.

In order to help him solve her issue, dammon also offers to meet with him later.

In addition, you can go the other way because if you support.

Minthara, Dammon will meet his demise and the plot will be over before it even begins.

2nd Encounter With Dammon

In Act 2, you can find Dammon at the Last Light Inn after speaking with him and getting his advice to visit him later.

As usual, Dammon spends time at his workshop, and you will find him there.

Before approaching this matter, you should load up on Infernal Iron if Karlach is still on your team.

He’ll be able to continue mending your companion’s heart with the help of a fresh batch of priceless materials.

But it’s unclear if Dammon will show again in later storylines.

You should be able to finish repairing Karlach if you don’t change your orientation and carry on playing correctly.

Unfortunately, Baldur’s Gate 3’s universe is malleable, and your choices have an impact as dammon might pass away before he can assist you.

Dammons Location In BG3

Here are the locations where you can find Dammons in Baldur’s Gate 3.

1. Dammon Location: Act 1

Dammon is initially located in the Hollow, close to the Emerald Grove and at the coordinates of  X:178 and Y:563.

Notably, players who want to finish Karlach’s questline should be sure to slay the goblin leaders in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Since if they are living, the infernal mechanic might not make it to his next location.

2. Dammon Location: Act 2

Dammon could be located in the stables at the Last Light Inn at coordinates (X:-33 and Y:165) if he survived Act 1.

As they go through the Shadow-Cursed Lands, fans will be brought directly to the inn, so it is important to protect it.

3. Dammon Location: Act 3

Players that have made it to the final Act should look for Dammon at the Forge of the Nine in the city of Baldur’s Gate in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The site of this building is located on the city’s east side, just to the west of the Elfsong Tavern.

Why Is Dammon Not At Last Light Inn?

Gamers claim Dammon, a mechanic, is not in the Last Light Inn. The reasons might be due to:-

1. Bizarre Ox Attack

The reason that Dammon is not at Last Light Inn is due to a bizarre ox attack.

A little issue in Baldur’s Gate 3 caused the Dammon to die from the Strange Ox.

The Strange Ox in BG3
The Strange Ox in BG3

The problem is resolved if players have the most recent patch. Yet another set of events takes place.

When the Ox is found dead in the Emerald Grove, the Dammon will now be seen in the Last Light Inn.

However, if players fail to eliminate Ox in Act 1, the Dammon will perish from Ox.

2. Sparked Outrage In Gaming Communities

Dammon’s disappearance can also be due to the murder that has sparked outrage in gaming communities.

His disappearance also prevents him from appearing in Baldur’s Gate 3 acts, potentially preventing the Karlach plot.

Players can fix the issue with the latest patch, and the Dammon will still appear at the Last Light Inn. 

Let me tell you how to fix this in steps.

  1. Firstly, you must reach the forge in Light Inn by passing through the Reithwin Tollhouse and Ruined Battlefield.
  2. Then there you will see Dammon and the Starnge Ox in a battle.
  3. Make sure you have the required instant hits equipped with a ranged weapon and a misty step.
  4. After using the misty step, players should proceed to the open hall where they should use the second character to make Dammon invisible.
  5. Don’t forget to use the deploy critical hits, attempt to attack passively, and make the most of your class’s greatest skills.
  6. After players assault the Ox repeatedly, his health will deplete, making it impossible for him to attack and soon dispatch him.

After winning the battle and saving Dammon, he will be thankful to the players and grant help fixing their weapons.

The Bottom Line

The Dammon is not at the Last Light Inn due to Strange Ox’s attack.

Baldur’s official statement claims that it happened because of a problem with the game.

After users download the most recent patch for the game, the problem will be fixed.

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