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Darktide Purple Health: What Does It Indicate?

Warhammer Darktides has introduced a new system called Corruption, which inflicts players’ health bar whenever they take damage.

Furthermore, changing the health bar into a Purple Health bar.

In Warhammer Darktide, the Purple Health bar indicates that some of your health is capped to a certain point. This means the player doesn’t have the maximum health.

This article will discuss Purple health in Darktides and explain how to remove it.

What Does Purple Health Indicate In Darktides?

Corruption in Darktides is a health-based system that reduces the maximum health on a player’s Health bar after taking excessive damage.

As the players take damage, a Purple colored Health bar is shown on their character.

Purple Health Bar Darktide
The Purple Health Bar shows the max health cap on players’ HP bar.

This Purple Health bar will increase as the player progresses the level, taking quite a lot of health.

Players can observe that when they are down and revived, the Purple Health bar fills the entire health bar.

Furthermore, this limits the number of revives and healings up to the capped point.

Moreover, some enemies also possess the ability to apply Corruption faster.

For Instance, the enemy who brings the Nurgle’s gifs, like Pox Hounds and the Beast of Nurgle, can apply Corruption in huge quantities.

Also, be aware of enemies’ AOE attacks from Tox Flamers or others containing Nurgle’s Corruption.

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How Do You Get Purple Health Form Grimoire in Darktide?

In Darktides, players will receive a secondary Objective to collect the Scriptures and Grimoires.

Grimoires are cursed books that are scattered through the different levels of  Darktides.

When you pick up these books, they take your inventory space and corrupt your team’s health.

Having the book will automatically reduce 30% of your team’s health, making it significantly tricky to complete a run.

However, the Corruption will be eliminated if you drop the Grimoire.

Nevertheless, you will not be able to complete the secondary objective.

How Do You Remove Purple Health In Darktide?

 The Purple Health in Darktide has confused some players about how to remove them.

Reddit Darktide
A Reddit user is asking how to remove the corruption. 

You can only remove the Purple Health by interacting with one of the many Medicae Stations.

These stations can restore player HP to the full and eliminate Corruption.

The Medicae Stations can be found throughout different sections of each level.

Furthermore, they have set points and some randomized points.

Players can always find Medicae Stations in specific areas before an objective starts.

However, you will encounter inactive Medicae Stations during the primary objective.

Sometimes, finding active Medicae Stations during ongoing objectives is also possible.

Although players need to find and use a power core, that isn’t easy to find.

The Curious can possess the resistance to Purple Health as part of their buffs.

Still, there are two different kinds of resistance, here are those given below;

  1. Normal Resistance: This will reduce the Corruption gained from damage.
  2. Corruption Resistance(Grimoires): Only resits the grimoires corruption.

We recommend obtaining some Normal Resistance on some of your Curios.

Note: Using the Health pack won’t help. It only heals the non-corrupted HP. If half of your Health Bar becomes corrupted, the Health Pack will only heal the remaining portion.

The Bottom Line

In Darktide, the Health-base system called Corruption gives players a Purple Health bar.

Players experience corruption when enemies deal significant damage to them using Nurgle’s gifts.

Furthermore, storing a grimoire can also inflict 30% of Corruption on players’ team members.

However, to reduce and eliminate this Purple Health, players must visit the Medical Station or obtain a normal resistance from their Curious.

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