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How To Build Experience Farm In Starfield?

Experience points (XP) in Starfield help players level up in the game.

Smaller things like completing main missions and side quests can increase your XP.

However, there are other strategies you can implement to increase your experience points.

Experience Points (XP) in Starfield help to grow and level up in the game. You can also build your own experience farm to be able to gain higher amounts of experience points faster.

Here are the details to increase the experience points and experience farm in Starfield.

What Are Experience Points In Starfield?

Experience Points (XP) are the points that help increase the game’s level.

It is a universal game point level used by almost all the games.

In Starfield, you can complete the main mission and the side quests to increase the XP.

Other things like sleeping, food items and unlocking chest items can also increase XP.

There are many methods to increase experience points in Starfield.

You can also farm experience points to level up way faster than else.

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Tips To Increase Experience Points

Here are some tips to increase experience points faster to grow in the game.

1. Sleeping Bonus

Players can increase their experience points by just keeping on a bed.

Additionally, players can sleep on a bed at the outpost or the ship.

This sleeping bonus can increase XP by 10% and lasts for 24 minutes.

2. Emotionally Secure Bonus

You can romance certain non-playable characters in Starfield.

So, sleeping with a romantic partner can also help to increase your XP.

Furthermore, this emotionally secure bonus increases XP by 15%.

3. Food Items

Certain food items like strips and alien tea can also positively affect the XP.

Additionally, the strip can increase XP by 2% for 30 minutes.

Furthermore, Tranquilitea Dynastic also increases XP by 2% for 15 minutes.

4. Max Out On Companion

Maxing out on the relationship level of a companion can also increase XP.

For example, marrying Sarah is one of the things to be able to increase your XP.

Additionally, you’ll get 15% more XP by maxing out on a companion.

5. Strix System

The Strix I planet from the Strix system has special enemy mobs that increase your XP.

Crits are ballon-like creatures that are present in numerous numbers near the dark green area of the planet.

Additionally, these crits can increase your XP from 7 XP to 300 XP ranging from the level of game hours or experience a player has. 

How To Farm Experience In Starfield?

Following the above tips can help to increase your XP significantly. However, you can also build your own XP farm.

Here is a step-by-step process to build your own XP farm:

1. Prerequisites to Farm XP

First, gain as many science skill points as possible, specifically outpost engineering skills.

Then, go to a research lab and research power generation and resource extractors.

Science Skill Starfield
You need the outpost engineering skills to build your own experience farm.

In addition, you need at least 2,000 to 3,000 cargo space on your ship.

Then, you’ll need resources that you can gain from the New Jemison merchant.

The resources are listed below in the table;

18 x Adaptive Frames

124 x Aluminium

24 x Beryllium

30 x Copper

2 x Fiber

99 x Iron

24 x Tungsten

2. Travel To Andraphon Moon

Go to the Narion system, find the Andraphon moon, then scan the moon.

Find an area with Iron and Aluminium in close proximity.

Land on Andraphon Experience farm starfield
Land on the right spot of Andraphon for the experienced farm.

Land on a plain land as close to the mountains as possible.

3. Place Your Outpost

Place an outpost in an area where you can reach Aluminum and Iron at the same time.

Then, place 6 Aluminum extractors and 6 Iron extractors wherever you can.

Outpost for experience farm starfield
Build an outpost to build your experience farm.

Use the aerial view to place these extractors.

Then, provide 10 Solar powers for your Extractor.

Place the extractor in the right spot.

To deposit the extracted items place three storage containers each for Aluminum and Iron.

Exit build mode and link the extractors for their respective Aluminum and Iron storage units.

Additionally, link them to the first storage unit only then link the other storage units to each other.

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4. Add An Industrial Workbench and Bed 

Go to the crafting station and craft an industrial workbench next to the Outpost.

Then, go to the furniture station and add a bed beside the workbench.

Experience Farm Starfield
Place the Industrial Workbench and the bed next to the outpost.

Finally, your experience farm is complete.

5. Use Your Experience Farm

Now, just go to bed for 24 hours and let the magic begin.

Additionally, Andraphon has a six times faster time speed so you can gather items six times faster.

sleep in the bed
Sleep in the bed for 24 hours to gain XP.

Once you wake up, add more storage units in the extractors to gain more items.

adaptive frame for xp
Craft the adaptive frame for XP.

Then, go to the Industrial Workbench to craft the Adaptive Frames.

Every frame you create generates 1 XP, and you can generate 1,000 to 2,000 frames every 24 hours of sleep.

So, you can gain approximately 1500 XP every minute.

The Bottom Line

Experience points in Starfield help to increase the level of your game.

Focusing on increasing your experience points can help you grow in the game.

Smaller tasks like sleeping, romancing a companion, and completing quests can help to gain experience points.

However, if you want to increase your experience points faster, you must farm your XP.

So, use our tips to farm XP and level up in no time in Starfield.

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