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Last Epoch Experimental Affix Bugged: Cant Exist As A Shard?

Last Epoch experimental affix bugged, a hybrid modifier that comes along with Experimental items.

Experimental affixes are very powerful and with the right build, they can enhance the primary stats.

Players are encountering issues utilizing the affix slot of their experimental items due to a persistent bug.

Read more to learn about the Last Epoch Experimental Item and Experimental Affix Bug in-depth.

Last Epoch Experimental Affix Bugged

Experimental Affix bug is no new bug to Last Epoch’s players, even before the 1.0 update affix always had its ups and downs.

Before version 1.0 of the game, Experimental Affixes encountered a bug preventing their existence as shards.

Moreover, the main issue of the bug was that players shouldn’t have gotten a shard of experimental affixes.

last epoch experimental affix bugged
Experimental Affix cannot exist as a shard.

However, this persistent issue persists despite subsequent updates, once again affecting the game.

Last Epoch had recently tried addressing issues of the game with the recent ‘Hotfix Patch‘.

However, the Experimental Affix bug wasn’t noticed and addressed by the developers.

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Experimental Item And Experimental Affix: Slotted Item?

Experimental Items initially resemble Magic, Rare, or Exalted items.

However, they possess a unique affix exclusive to items obtained from defeating Exiled Mages, unavailable through conventional crafting methods.

These unique experimental affixes exclusively appear on items designed for Boots, Belts, and Gloves.

last epoch experimental affix bugged
Experimental Affix is pocketed with Experimental Item which can be equipped upon the death of Exiled Mages.

While the experimental affixes may seem insignificant during the leveling phase, experimental items gain significant power in endgame content.

The primary reason for their potency lies in the endgame crafting options, notably the Rune of Research.

You can permanently bind an experimental affix by embedding this rune into your item, thereby freeing up a valuable affix slot.

However, expert crafters can even get experimental affixes on legendary gear with the right crafting methods.

How To Work Around With Experimental Affix In The Last Epoch?

To use Experimental Affix in Last Epoch, follow the steps below:

1. Find Shards: Acquire shards throughout your journey.

2. Access the Forge Menu: Press the “F” key to open the Forge menu.

3. Place Your Item: Place your desired item into the forge interface.

4. View Item and Socket: Your item’s affixes(if any) and a circular socket will be displayed.

5. Insert Affix Shards: Insert affix shards to either upgrade existing affixes or add new ones.

6. Upgrade Existing Affixes 

  • If an Affix has a glowing arrow next to it, it can be upgraded.
  • Click on the arrow icon to upgrade the affix.
  • The necessary shards will be socketed, and a Forging Potential cost will be displayed.
  • Click “Upgrade Affix” to finalize the upgrade.

7. Add New Affixes

  • Click on an empty prefix or suffix slot.
  • Select the affix shard you wish to install.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the crafting process.

8. Completion: Once you’ve finished modifying your item, the changes will be applied, and your item will be ready to use.

Runes Of Removal to Remove Affix: Last Epoch Experimental Affix 

During beta testing, it was established that attempting to shatter experimental affixes yields no shards.

Players cannot obtain shards by shattering experimental affixes.

Moreover, These affixes are designed exclusively for gear dropped in-game, allowing for sealing or integrating other affixes without altering the experimental one.

These affixes retain integrity on gear drops, allowing player modifications without core property changes, and ensuring gear system stability.

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