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Dria’s Anklet In Remnant 2: How To Obtain It?

Dria’s Anklet is a quest item that allows players to obtain great rewards.

However, players must fight an aberration to obtain it. 

The Dria’s Anklet is obtainable by defeating Barghest the Vile. However, the fight is quite daunting. But, the rewards obtainable from Dria’s Anklet are well worth the hassle. 

In this article, we discuss what Daria’s anklet is and how to obtain it in Remnant 2.

What Is Dria’s Anklet In Remnant 2? 

Dria’s Anklet is a quest item in Remnant 2 that allows the player to progress the story.

Furthermore, quest items allow the players to interact with certain characters within the game.

Dria's anklet is a quest item
Dria’s Anklet is a quest item in Remnant 2.

Players can obtain the Ring of Grace if they give Dria’s Anklet to Riewen.

However, that is not the only item they can obtain from Dria’s Anklet.

Additionally, feeding the Dria’s Anklet at the Nightweaver’s Web event will grant the players Ring of Retribution.

Thus, depending on the item that the player wants, they can either give it to Riewen or feed it at the Nightweaver’s Web event.

Furthermore, players may lean towards the Ring of Grace more between the two rings.

Similarly, it allows them to regenerate 10% of maximum health over 10 seconds when they take enemy damage.

Ring of grace provides health regen
Players can obtain the ring grace from Riewen after giving him Dria’s anklet.

However, Ring of Retribution is great as it increases the reload speed and all outgoing damage by 10% when the players take damage from the enemy.

Feed the Nightweaver's event
Players can obtain the ring of retribution by feeding it to the Nightweaver’s web event.

How To Obtain Dria’s Anklet In Remnant 2? 

Players can obtain Dria’s Anklet in Harvester’s Reach, Losomn.

However, there is a quest that the players must complete.

The quest is called Riewen’s Request, and it is given by Riewen, a friendly NPC who can be found in the Asylum.

Furthermore, players must face off against Barghest the Vile.

After the players defeat Barghest the vile, they will obtain Dria’s Anklet.

Barghest the Vile is an aberration and shares many similarities to the Manticora.

Furthermore, players can defeat it by targeting its head.

Further, Barghest the Vile can spawn with various mods on it.

Some of the noteworthy mods are Healthy, minions and Anti-matter.

Defeat barghest to obtain Dria's anklet
Players must defeat Barghest the vile to obtain Dria’s Anklet in Remnant 2.

These mods on the enemy can make the fight a hassle for players.

The boss can spawn with more mods; in certain cases, these mods can make the boss nearly unkillable.

Thus, players should prepare amply to go up against a boss that is rather unpredictable.

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The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2, most of the quest items allow the players to obtain better gear or new traits.

Dria’s Anklet is a quest item that can be used to obtain two different rings, depending on your choice.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding Dria’s anklet and obtaining the items it offers in Remnant 2. 

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