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Dot Com Dash In Monopoly Go: Event Details

Dot Com Dash is a new, exciting tournament in Monopoly Go.

The exclusive tournament runs from 3 November 2023 across the globe.

The Dot Com Dash is a unique event in Monopoly Go targeting Financial and stock market experts to compete in the bull market by building, investing and trading companies in Monopoly Go.

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Dot Com Dash Monopoly Go: Overview

Monopoly Go announces exciting tournaments, including Dot Com Dash and other offers often to engage its users.

Dot Com Dash tournament allows players to step up all the way to digital glory.

The event attracts all the technology and share market enthusiasts under the same room in Monopoly Go.

The Dotcom Dash Tournament is like any other event, including the Ghost Chase, Fortune Raiders and Trick or Treat event.

In this event, players should roll dice around the railway tracks to buy, sell and invest in various stocks.

Dot com dashing monopoly go
Players can sell, buy or invest in stocks.

Players will get hundreds of dice rolls by completing the Milestones in Dot Com Dash.

If Players secure higher in the leaderboard, they will get gold sticker packs according to the ranking.

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Features Of Dot Com Dash

Dot com Dash is an exciting tournament running across all platforms and has the following features;

1 Building

Players can build a set of companies by investing their cash in Monopoly Go.

If players focus on the landmarks and the build, they should be aware of the attacks.

Additionally, Dot Com Dash is quite risky as the stock market can crash at times; hence, being a financial expert will help.

2. Investing 

The players can invest in various startups and expect a staggering return if the company is successful.

However, players will carry a high risk if the company crumbles in the stock market.

3. Buying And Selling

In Monopoly Go, players can also use their financial skills to buy and sell stocks.

For a risk-free approach, players should identify and buy companies with low financial status.

Further, if players risk losing money in the company, they sell their companies.

4. Financial And Bull Market Status

Players who can make concrete decisions and succeed in their finances can reach the peak of the leaderboards.

While reaching the bull market phase is not enough, players must invest and trade further stocks to get the purple pack.

Hence, players should keep an eye on others’ plans, formulate strategies, build assets and be a financial guru.

The Bottom Line

The Monopoly Go focuses on more than builds; the game checks the player’s financial and bull market knowledge as well.

In the Dot Com Dash, players must use their stock market expertise to crumble to the top.

However, players should know the risks while selling, buying, or investing in the stocks.

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