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How To Defeat Overgrown In Fallout 76?

In Fallout’s 76 Atlantic City update, a family of creatures known as Overgrown inhabits the area.

Players are eager to know how to kill Overgrown in Fallout 6 as they are trying various ways.

Dealing with these Overgrown threats requires a strategic approach making a huge fan base for the solution to kill it in Fallout.

Players can focus on their weak points and use high-damage weapons to Kill Overgrown in Fallout 76. Its better to research before as all creatures have different abilities and weak points.

Continue reading to learn more about everything about Overgrown and various tactics to kill it in Fallout 76.

What Is Overgrown In Fallout 76?

Overgrown are simply mutated species of plants as a result of nuclear fallout after the Great War.

It is found that as they mutated, their blood cells included animal cells, making them appear like animals.

As a result, the creatures who are always walking horribly around the Atlantic city constantly threaten the settlement’s border.

They are more like zombies but with brains and skills who can attack you anytime, you get near them.

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Types And Stats Of Overgrown In Fallout 76

There are many types of creatures found in this game but one that is known as the strongest group of creatures is Overgrown.

There are 3 types of Overgrown with different characteristics in the Atlantic City.

1. Overgrown Thorn 

A blindly aggressive roadrunner variant who close distance and attack by swinging widely.

They drop explosives, stimps, and contextual ammo.

A unique Overgrown Moonflower is encountered during an expedition.

Overgrown Thorn Fallout 76
Overgrown thorns are mutated creatures from plants.

2. Overgrown Elder

The hulking elder can use weapons, both melee and ranged.

It attacks very aggressively and has the unique Hulking Presence perk, which slows the enemy.

Additionally, its ranged weapons are Assault rifles, Missile launchers, and Cell launchers.

Overgrown Elder Fallout 76
Overgrown Elder is huge in size and has an aggressive nature.

3. Overgrown Pollinator

Pollinators are flying Overgrown with tendrils and many eye-like bulbs.

Hence, it immediately follows and supports the humanoid Overgrown, preferring elders over thorns.

Heals Overgrown in its vicinity, and uses a “heal bomb” ability that provides instant healing.
can attack by failing its tentacles.

Overgrown Pollinator Fallout 76
Overgrown pollinators are alike jellyfish that can fly in the air.

Ways To Kill Overgrown In Fallout 76

Being one of the strongest creatures in the game, they endure more damage, durability, and skill.

Therefore, Overgrown are hard to kill unless you are more experienced in dealing with them.

There are many ways to kill Overgrown in Fallout and they are:

  1. Teaming up: Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game, so teaming up with other players can make encounters with overgrown threats more easy to deal with.
  2. Environmental Explosives: There are many explosives that can blow out after shooting it. It can deal a huge amount of area damage which could help to finish off a certain number of Overgrown.
  3. Leveling up: Ensure your character is appropriately leveled for the Overgrown so that you get the area for durability. Investing in perks increases your damage output, reduces input damage, and improves your survival skills.

The Bottom Line

Surviving the overgrown threats of Fallout 76 requires a combination of preparation, adaptability, and skill.

Therefore, knowing your enemies, choosing the right weapons, and using your strengths will make you well-equipped to face the challenges.

Battling through hordes of Overgrown, use these strategies to kill Overgrown in Fallout 76 to emerge victorious.

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