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Warlock Metamorphosis Rune: Turn Yourself Into A Demon

If you are a warlock player in WoW Classic, you might be curious about the new rune engraving system in the Season of Discovery.

One of the most intriguing options is the warlock metamorphosis rune, which allows you to transform into a demon and gain new abilities and benefits.

The warlock metamorphosis rune in WoW SoD transforms you into a demon. To get it, complete the Bladed Patch Questline, engrave glove rune, collect all the required runes, and find a helmet with 3 sockets.

Continue reading to learn how to get the warlock metamorphosis rune and how it works.

How To Get The Warlock Metamorphosis Rune?

The warlock metamorphosis rune is a new feature introduced in the Season of Discovery of WoW Classic.

It allows warlocks to transform into demons and gain new abilities and benefits.

To get the warlock metamorphosis rune, you need to do the following steps:

1. The Bladed Patch Questline

This questline starts from the NPC Zalazane in the Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar.

You must help Zalazane, a troll warlock, reclaim his homeland from the evil witch doctor Zalazane.

You must complete several tasks, such as collecting troll ears, infiltrating Zalazane’s base, and defeating his minions.

The final quest will reward you with three rune engravings for your gloves: Metamorphosis, Soul Link, or Fel Armor.

2. Engraving Glove Rune 

Choose the Metamorphosis rune as your glove rune engraving option.

This rune engraving will allow you to transform into a demon and gain new abilities and benefits.

However, you can only choose one rune engraving per item slot, so pick the one that suits your playstyle and preferences.

Further, you can change your rune engraving later by revisiting Zalazane, but it will cost you some gold and runes.

glove engravings
Choose the Metamorphosis rune as your glove rune engraving option.

3. Collect The Required Runes

Collect the required runes to create the Metamorphosis runeword: Io, Cham, and Fal.

Further, you must insert these runes into a 3-socket helm to activate the Metamorphosis runeword.

However, these are high-level runes that are not easy to find.

4. Find A 3 Socket Helm

You need to find a helmet with 3 sockets; you can find them randomly on some items.

Alternatively, you can add sockets to an item using a Horadric Cube recipe or a special NPC service.

Once you have a 3-socket helm, insert the runes correctly: Io + Cham + Fal.

Notably, the order is essential because if you insert the runes incorrectly, the runeword will not work, and you will waste your runes.

5. Enjoy Your New Demonic Form And Abilities

Once you have created the Metamorphosis runeword, you can equip the helm and use the Metamorphosis ability.

Significantly, this will transform you into a demon for a limited time.

While in this form, you will gain new abilities and benefits, such as increased armor, threat, mana, and damage.

warlock metamorphosis rune demon
Equip the helm and use the Metamorphosis ability.
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How Does It Change Your Abilities And Stats?

The warlock metamorphosis rune changes your abilities and stats in the following ways:

1. Transforms You Into A Demon

It transforms you into a demon, increasing your armor by 500%.

Further, it reduces the chance you will be critically hit by 6% and increases your threat by 100%.

Additionally, it increases the mana gained from Life Tap by 100% and transforms the functionality of some of your abilities.

2. New Abilities

It grants you new abilities exclusive to Metamorphosis, such as Demonic Leap, Touch of Chaos, Chaos Wave, and Immolation Aura.

3. Modifies Existing Abilities

It modifies some of your abilities, such as Searing Pain, Shadow Bolt, Curse of Recklessness, Demon Charge, and Demonic Howl.

For example, Searing Pain becomes instant; Shadow Bolt becomes Shadow Cleave, a melee attack that hits up to 3 nearby enemies.

Curse of Recklessness also taunts your target to attack you for 3 seconds.

Metamorphosis Rune modifies some of your abilities.

The Bottom Line

The warlock metamorphosis rune is a powerful rune engraving.

Importantly, it allows you to tank, deal damage, or support your allies in different situations.

However, you should also be aware of the drawbacks of using Metamorphosis.

You may lose access to some of your normal abilities, be vulnerable to specific effects, and have a cooldown on the transformation.

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