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How To Complete The Apophasis Mission In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is full of hardcore missions with multiple objectives and the Apophasis is one of them.

Therefore, players must learn how to tackle these objectives to complete this mission without any hassle.

In Destiny 2, players have to fulfill many core objectives like escaping from the portal and defeating the Ogre and the Centroidal Mind to complete the Apophasis mission. Players must complete some additional objectives to track some of these bosses.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete the Apophasis mission in Destiny 2.

Introduction To Apophasis Mission In Destiny 2

Apophasis is a multi-objective mission in Destiny 2 that takes quite a long time to complete because of its complexity.

Initially, the main purpose of the Apophasis Mission is to retrieve the Egg for the Riven.

However, various bosses and traps make this task impossible as the egg is transported somewhere else.

Nevertheless, players will complete this mission after they slay the final boss: The Centroidal Mind.

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Ways To Complete Apophasis Mission In Destiny 2

Players must complete all the objectives preceding it to spawn the final boss and some of the core objectives are:

1. Forming A Portal To Escape The Trapped World

The Aphophasis mission in Destiny 2 is full of traps that delay players from reaching the objective.

Similarly, one such trap is called the Trapped World, which imprisons players in an exitless platform.

Activating the portals in destiny 2
Activating the final portal in the trapped world in Apophasis Mission.

However, players can escape this world after triggering three plates hidden throughout this world.

Appearance-wise, these plates are in a circular shape that only appear on the ground.

Hence, players must find and step on three such plates to activate the exit portal.

Also, players will encounter the first trapped world when they enter the Riven’s Lair.

2. Release And Defeat The Imprisoned Orge(Mid Stage Apophasis)

During the mid-phase of this mission, players are compelled to release and defeat the Orge from the imprisoned cell.

Nevertheless, this task is not easy as players must also eliminate all other enemies surrounding the cell.

Then, they must use the ArcCranium to destroy the Vex nodes that form up the imprisoned cell.

Unlocking the imprisoned cell
Attempt to unlock the Orge from the imprisoned cell in Destiny 2.

Appearance-wise, Vex nodes are white floating cubes that surround the Orge and the cell.

Hence, players must destroy four Vex nodes using the Arc-Cranium to release the Ogre.

Finally, players must also defeat the Orge to move to the mission’s next stage.

3. Defeat The Centroidal Mind(Final Stage Apophasis)

The Centroidal Mind does not just appear during the final phase of the Apohasis mission.

Hence, players must locate the catacombs and escape from one more portal to track its location.

Also, the Centroidal Mind only appears after players try to interact with the Riven Egg.

After doing so, a huge bi-ped boss appears in the room and tries to kill the players.

Centroidal mind destiny 2
Fighting the Centroidal Mind boss in the Apophasis mission in Destiny 2.

Therefore, players must defeat this final boss to clear the Apophasis mission as a whole.

However, the Centroidal Mind occasionally regenerates a shield that players must deplete before dealing damage to it.

Finally, players must rinse and repeat this process until the boss is felled.

The Bottom Line

The Apophasis is one of the hardest missions in Destiny 2 because of the variety of bosses.

Therefore, players must learn about these bosses and their gimmicks to defeat them with ease.

However, players who want to experience everything first-hand should dive into this mission without guidance.

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