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Destiny 2 : Self Resurrection(Res) Warlock

Many Destiny 2 players have been wondering if the self-res Warlock will ever return to the game.

Since the Warlock class can use various types of magic to support their allies or damage their enemies.

In Destiny 2, players have expressed their concern regarding the potential return of the Self- resurrecting (Res) Warlock. Despite being an exciting feature, some Guardians worry about disrupting the delicate balance of both PvP and PvE gameplay.

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Destiny 2: An Overview Of Self-Res Warlock 

The resurrection of the Sunsinger subclass with this iconic Self Res ability has made a headline in the Destiny 2 community.

Similarly, some players are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the self res Warlock and others are questioning its arrival.

Guardians can use the Self Res Warlock as their main and enjoy its resurrecting ability to thrive in the game.

destiny 2 self res
A player can resurrect the guardian again by reviving him.

Players can use the Self Warlock in areas like Strikes and Nightfall for optimal performance.

Likewise, you can experience the absence of the Self Res Warlock during high-stakes encounters such as Raids.

Subsequently, in the heat of the Raid, the ability to revive oneself is the greatest boon that players can have.

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Balance Act In PvP: Arrival Of Self Res Ability

The arrival of the self-res ability has not only excited the communities but also raised concerns about its negative impacts.

Similarly, the return of the Self Res Ability has the potential effect on the competitive mode of the game.

Players have reported that the Self Resurrections ability has disrupted the gameplay in the first season of Destiny.

Similarly, self- resurrect ability could be exploited in PvP scenarios, damaging the balance of the game modes like Countdown.

This could result in losing the game and the points, hurting the overall storyline.

As much as it provides the thrill for the players, some players argue that Self resurrection might create an unfair advantage during battle.

The PvE Perspective And Alternative Suggestions

Most of the guardians argue that the absence of the self-res Warlock has left a void in Destiny 2‘s PvE activities.

Similarly, this void can be felt in the PvE Perspective of the game, especially during high-stakes activities.

Most of the players have reported that they missed the self-resurrecting Warlock in Destiny 2 while exploring the Nightfalls and Raids.

Moreover, the ability to revive themselves amidst the battle provides a Warlock with a unique utility that enhances team coordination.

destiny 2 fighting enemy
A player is fighting with a strong opponent after the resurrections.

However, not all the guardians are excited about the direct revival of the Sunsinger subclass as they believe it would make the game easier.

The game can introduce alternative solutions such as incorporating self-resurrection as an exotic perk or integrating it into some skill tree.

Besides, the game can also return the Sunsinger ability that transformed Warlocks into resilient tanks.

The Bottom Line

The community discussion regarding the return of the Self-Res Warlock illustrates both the good and bad sides of the ability.

However, the integration of the Self Res Warlock remains uncertain, so guardians must wait for a certain time to disclose the news.

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