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Lethal Company Mannequin: Strategies For Facing Silent Stalkers

You’ll encounter a spooky creature known as the Mannequin in Lethal Company.

However, the Coil-Head Mannequin is based on the unsettling entities Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

The Mannequin adds a layer of spooky tension to Lethal Company, which makes you rethink your every move, as you can be their next victim. So, understanding their abilities, being aware of their locations, and strategies to avoid them are some ways to survive.

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Mannequin In Lethal Company

The Mannequin is like a creepy, life-sized figure you’ll encounter in the game.

It’s not like your typical friendly mannequin from a store; this one is out to get you.

Moreover, it moves in a way that’ll send shivers down your spine.

You will encounter them in various locations with a tense atmosphere, often indoors.

Whatever you do, please don’t touch it, as physical contact could lead to some harmful severe consequences.

Additionally, keep an eye on it, as it will make a move when you least expect it.

make sure you keep an eye
If you encounter a Mannequin, keep an eye on it.
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Coil-Head Mannequin In Lethal Company

Coil-Head Mannequin is highly radioactive and may have been created as a biological weapons.

Here are some more information about Coil-Head Mannequin:

1. Appearance

Coil-Head is a peculiar and unsettling humanoid entity with a pale, white complexion, short arms and a damaged torso.

It also has a screaming head attached to the body by a long spring-like neck, which allows it to swivel.

Moreover, its white skin is tightly stretched over its skeletal frame, and its damaged torso bears the marks of past trauma.

2. Abilities

The Coil-Head Mannequin is known for its surprisingly fast and abrupt movements.

This makes it challenging for players to predict their actions. Likewise, it also has a unique freeze mechanism.

It tends to stop moving when someone is directly looking at it.

Therefore, if you encounter Coil-Head, do not look away; keep staring at it until you can escape.

3. Behavior

The Coil-Head Mannequin tends to move towards players and, upon contact swiftly, leads to an instant demise.

Although it freezes in place while maintaining eye contact, this isn’t foolproof, as it may still make short, rapid moves.

Moreover, its primary mode of attack is its piercing scream.

It emits a wave of psychic energy that can instantly kill any human not looking directly at it.

4. Location

You can mainly find Coil-Head in dark, abandoned buildings and warehouses.

Moreover, you can primarily find them in places with a history of violence or tragedy.

Likewise, you can find them in these eerie environments so that they can use the shadows to their advantage so, they prey on the unsuspecting.

5. Avoid Or Defeat Coil-Head

Currently, there’s no known method to defeat the Coil-Head Mannequin.

It falls under one of those challenges where survival and evasion are the best strategies.

Therefore, the only option is to escape its clutches and find a haven where it cannot reach.

The primary strategy is to keep someone looking directly at the Coil-Head if you are playing with others.

This will provide you with a chance to search for scrap without having to worry about being attacked.

Additonally, it’s wise to keep a bit of distance while staring as it is observed making sudden short moves.

But if Coil-Head is chasing you, run to the nearest light source, as they will not move into the light.

Coil-Head is chasing players
Run to the nearest light source if Coil-headed chase you.

The Bottom Line

The Mannequin tends to get aggressive and might come after you if you’re not careful.

Therefore, understanding their behavior and careful strategies can increase your chances of survival.

So, if you need to move around it, do so carefully; it’s not the kind of thing you want sneaking up on you.

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