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Simon Manus Cheese In Lies Of P: Boss Guide

In Lies of P, Simon Manus is one of the most challenging bosses you encounter at the end of the game.

Furthermore, many people find this boss as the hardest after all this is the final boss.

To cheese Simon Manus, there are a few items and gear you need, such as maxed out puppet String Legion Arm, Throwables like Thermite, Short Put, Cell, Star Fragment to summon the Spector, a fire or acid Grindstone and Cube with Friendship Wishstone. Now, Once the fight starts, use these items to gain advantage.

Please continue reading to learn about Simon Manus and how to cheese it.

Who Is Simon Manus In Lies of P?

Saimon Manus is a challenging boss you will encounter at last or second to last, depending on which ending you select.

You will encounter this boss once you reach the Arche Abbey – Cradle of the Gods.

Manus is the game’s main villain, and you can finally confront him. It is the archetype boss with the big club.

Siamon Manus
Siamon Manus Is the Mutated boss in pursuit of godhood.

Furthermore, this boss has gone through some mutation while pursuing godhood.

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Understanding The Attacks Of Simon Manus

To ultimately defeat this boss, you must defeat him in two phases.

The first Phase is relatively easy where the boss only uses a massive club to attack you.

The attacks the boss performs in phase 1 are listed below;

  1. Leap Attack: The Boss jumps into thin air and launches into the ground.
  2. Fiery Overhead Swing: The Boss summons the pool of fire with a swirling effect by slamming the ground.
  3. Swing: His basic attack includes a side-to-side sweep.
  4. Overhead Swing Smash: In this attack, he swings and smashes the weapon on the ground.

While you fight him in the first Phase, you can imbue your weapon with Fire and attack him from behind.

Phase 2 dramatically increases the difficulty of Phase 1.

God Hand
The Boss uses a magical attack called The God’s hand.

You can summon the specter to speed through phase one and save the resources for phase 2.

In this Phase, the movement is similar to phase 1, however, he is faster than before.

In addition, he will perform a few new attacks in this phase.

Here are the attacks that he performed during the second Phase;

  1. The God Hand: The Boss summons a giant hand from heaven when he is below 50% HP.
  2. Pillar attack: Manus summons a ghostly pillar to strike you.
  3. Orbital Strike: A blue light will mark some areas on the ground, and an explosion will follow.
  4. Disruption Cascade: Charges you with several orbs that will fly toward your location, causing Disruption debuff.
  5. Roll: Manus will dodge the roll, which deals damage if you get hit. 

Although players can summon a specter to make this boss a little easier.

However, surviving his wide range of attacks in the second Phase can be challenging.

Therefore, you need to strategy to cheese the Boss Simon Manus.

How To Cheese Simon Manus in Lies of P?

To cheese the Boss Simon Manus, First, you need to have the following equipment;

  • Puppet String Legion Arm maxed out
  • Throwables like Thermite, Short Put, Cell
  • Star Fragment to summon the Spector
  • A fire or acid Grindstone
  • Cube with Friendship Wishstone

Here is the strategy after you have obtained the items and gears;

Simon Manus Cheese
you must need these Items and Gears To Cheese the boss.
  1. Summon the Specter as it helps to Speed up Phase One.
  2. Then, use the fire Grindstone and let the Specter take the anger from the boss.
  3. After that, try to stagger him using charge and normal attack from behind.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use more bookings than take a direct hit.
  5. Keep hitting and defeating the finish Phase 1 even if he is not stagger.
  6. As Phase 2 starts, use Wishstone to restore the Specter’s HP and use all your throwables on Manus.
  7. Take the fight from close range and attack him while he attacks the Specter.
  8. Use the Puppet Strings charged attack to increase Stagger.
  9. Finally, When the boss is on the low HP, use the remaining throwables, which will do it.

This is how you can Cheese Simon Manus.

However, learning and adapting to the boss’s attack pattern can take a few tries.

Additional Tips On Simon Manus

There are a few things you have to remember and keep in mind while fighting this boss.

Remember whenever the combo ends, the boss keeps the mace on the shoulder and a slight squat.

Do not rush because he uses tricky timing between attacks and tends to fool you into attacking right after the swing.

You can deal as much damage as you can at this moment.

Furthermore, you can activate the Perfect Guard Grindstone if you make it about halfway through the game.

This guards you and provides you with some free stagger build-up.

Defending Simon Manus rewards you with 8,153 Ergo, Fallen One’s Ergo, and the Arm of God Key Item.

The Bottom Line

Simon Manus is the most demanding and main boss in Lies of p, and this boss fight contains two phases.

This boss throws several attacks from sweeps, slams and many magical attacks.

However, you can cheese this boss by the right items and proper strategy of utilizing the items and gears.

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