Dinosaur Office Chair- Should you Buy it for your Office?

Are you always interested in adventures? Are you a dinosaur geek or a fan of Jurassic Park? If yes, Dinosaur Office chairs are made for you. 

I have seen a few of my friends replace their regular office chairs with Dinosaur Office Chairs. They look utterly unusual, yet so exciting and full of fun with creativity.

Generally, with the placement of Dinosaur Chairs, any workspace looks interesting, unique, and creative. However, ergonomics must be considered for long-term use, which Dinosaur office chairs can not provide.

These chairs look so extraordinary and out of the box. The Chairs are shaped in such a way that they look like Dinosaurs. Isn’t that cool?

However, you must make sure to know your comfort. Using these weird-looking Dinosaur Chairs for an extended period may eventually lead to back pain. 

Read on to know more about the extra-ordinarily quirky-looking Dinosaur Chair, its benefits, and disadvantages. 

What is a Dinosaur Office Chair?

Dinosaur Office Chairs are popularly used as a substitute for regular Office chairs. However, they look out of the ordinary and appealing to anyone’s eyes. 

They make your office environment friendlier and less formal. It will make you feel extra productive. You may also feel more inclined towards your work.

It not only showcases uniqueness. It also relieves work stress and fidgetiness.

Using Dinosaur Chairs in your office turns it into a whole new Jurassic era. What’s more fun than working with animals that used to live eons back. 

You can sit with your legs around your neck for a slater-type sitting position on a dinosaur chair. Moreover, you can even sit backward on the dinosaur’s neck as the back support. 

These giant Dinosaur Chairs generally come in four different colors. You can choose anyone from Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Green.

However, you can also customize the chair with a different color if you wish to. Furthermore, you can also add the logo of your company to it. 

Dinosaur Office Chairs in different colors
Dinosaur Office Chairs in different colors (Source: Mcsdino)

Now, let us have a look at some of the Pros and Cons of purchasing a Dinosaur Office Chair for your Workspace. 

Pros of Using a Dinosaur Office Chair in the Office

Here we have listed some pros of introducing these fun merry office chairs.

1. Creative and Unique Office Environment

The shape of Dinosaur Chairs has a unique design. It looks like an actual Dinosaur with a long neck. It looks fun, unique, and creative at the same time.

Moreover, using Dinosaurs Chairs will make you feel more at home. It also sounds exciting and adventurous.     

Keeping Dinosaur Office Chairs help to lift the vibe of your Work desk. It gives a friendly-looking atmosphere and thus, encourages you to work better.

When you work in a friendly environment, you can work more efficiently, which leads to increased productivity.

2. Allows Multiple Positions for Sitting

Dinosaur Office Chairs allow you to explore different sitting positions.

The shape of a Dinosaur Chair is similar to that of an actual dinosaur. It has a very long neck and a wide body.

Thus,  Dinosaur Chair allows a user to rest comfortably with legs on its side.

A dinosaur shaped office chair
Dinosaur Office Chairs (Source: odditymail.com)

There’s nothing quite like the adventure this Mesozoic beast brings to the office, whether you sit on it like you’re riding a miniature pony or use the sideways safari option.

You can also lean on the back of your Dinosaur chair like any other traditional chair.

For a new and better experience, you can also use its neck as back support, which helps you have something to lean on. In addition, multiple sitting positions can help you strengthen your core muscles.

3. Highly Customizable

There is no denying that everyone is unique; people may have various interests, preferences, or viewpoints when it comes to viewing things. 

As a result, there is a certain level of comfort zone as compared to the standard office chair with the same attire in every piece.

The dinosaur office chair offers a novel perspective where employees may design their chairs as they see fit, making them more comfortable and vibrant.

Dinosaur Chairs are highly customizable. Usually, these chairs are available in blue, yellow, pink, and green colors.

Not only that, the dinosaur office chairs can be customized with the company logo.

Not only will you be able to modify the seating position to your preference, but you will also be able to flaunt your favorite color proudly.

4. They are Long-lasting

Dinosaur Office Chairs are usually made of durable resin FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic). They are much higher quality raw materials.

These chairs can support about 300lbs of weight. The colors used in Dinosaur Office Chairs are also weather-resistant and long-lasting. These chairs usually last for ten years and even more if taken good care of.

5. Creates Friendly Working Environment

It’s impossible to be grumpy when you’re working in a dinosaur chair since they’re so much fun!

And, when there are fewer unhappy people in the office and more happy people, it brings positive energies into the office, producing a friendly, pleasant atmosphere.

Aside from its usefulness, the dinosaur office chair also eliminates the formal vibe in the workplace, promoting a pleasant and entertaining setting in which employees may perform better.

Happy co-workers
Happy co-workers (Source: Unsplash)

It does not imply that the workplace hierarchy will be challenged; instead, adopting the vibrant dinosaur office chair ensures a highly productive and polite workplace while providing a nice touch and a sense of enjoyment at the weekend’s amusement parks.

These chairs make your office look much friendlier and fruitful. Therefore, your workplace will encourage you to work with more creativity. 

Cons of Using a Dinosaur Office Chair in the Office

However, if you have to cover longer-hour shifts on the dinosaur office chair, you might want to reorganize the office setting.

Here we have listed some cons of introducing these fun merry office chairs to your office that you might want to go through before making the decision.

1. Lack of Ergonomic Features

Sitting on a Dinosaur Chair for prolonged periods causes back pain and stiffness. Since there isn’t any back support and armrest, you should avoid sitting on these chairs all day long.

This makes the user difficult to sit on a Dinosaur Chair for an extended period.

Back pain
Back pain (Source: Pexels)

A piece of Ergonomic Furniture offers adjustable features and ensures the safety and comfort of the users. Ergonomic features include lumbar support, armrest, seat tilt, swivel, and backrest recline. 

Dinosaur Chairs lack ergonomic features, including back support, armrests, and headrest. They also do not have lumbar support and adjustable height.

The dinosaur office chair is 39″ long, 17″ wide, and 39″ tall and can accommodate people weighing up to 300 lbs.

So, technically, this chair was not designed with every body type in mind; therefore, it is only wise to re-invent the working environment with these colorful seats if your employees are comfortable with it.

2. Not Formal for the Professional Environment

The world of office is generally supposed to be formal. Business and Client meetings are usually conducted formally. 

Therefore, it’s essential to adopt a formal environment in your Work desk. 

For instance, sitting in the funny dinosaur chair during a critical meeting with a major client or company, making choices worth billions of dollars, may not be acceptable to everyone.

So, if you’re dealing with formal folks, replacing all of the traditional chairs with dinosaur chairs might not be a good idea.

You must look presentable and formal while you attend such meetings. Thus, avoid using Dinosaur Office Chairs in such situations.         

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a fun-working environment in your office; be sure to traditionally decorate the corridors and meeting rooms.

3. Rare Availability

Since Dinosaur Chairs are unique and unusual, finding one for your office is not easy. Most of the stores do not usually sell these chairs.

Because Dinosaur Office Chairs are not compatible with the general office aesthetics, they are the least available office equipment.

A man using Dinosaur Office Chairs
A man using Dinosaur Office Chair (Source: Mcsdino)

Things to Consider While Buying a Dinosaur Office Chairs 

We cannot deny that your office with a Dinosaur Chair looks less than a Jurassic Park. However, that is entirely okay.

There is no harm in being unique and experimenting with new things. These quirky-looking chairs are very rare and out of the box. Therefore,  you must bear some crucial things in mind. 

Let us discuss what to see before buying a Dinosaur Office Chair.

1. Color

The Dinosaur Chairs are primarily available in four different colors. Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Green are usually available. You can choose from the available colors. 

Furthermore, you can customize a different colored chair for yourself if you desire to.          

2. Materials Used

It is essential to consider the raw materials used in a Dinosaur Office Chair before using it. Also, make sure these chairs are durable resin FRP and a weather-resistant color.

3. Dimensions

Purchasing a Dinosaur Chair with the correct dimensions helps you sit comfortably to a great extent. 

Dimensions Requirements
Length 39 inches
Width 17 inches
Weight 28.6 lbs.
Supporting capacity3oo lbs.

Make your Dinosaur Office Chair More Bearable

It is not that easy to sit on a Dinosaur Office Chair an entire day. These chairs do not have any back support, armrest, or hand rest. Therefore, your body may feel uncomfortable after a while.

Thus, you can add cushions or any other fluffy chair pads to feel at ease.                                                           

Using a cushion or a chair pad encourages less compression on your spine and hips. Moreover, it also benefits in support and comfort. 

It is imperative to have a comfortable position at work. The use of cushions and soft chair pads also provide warmth. Furthermore, these materials also ensure proper blood circulation. 

The Bottom Line

Buying a Dinosaur Chair for your office sounds like a fun idea.

You may be tired of using the regular office chair for a very long period. If so, you can get yourself these quirky chairs as a substitute. 

Dinosaur Office chairs can always help you maintain a friendly environment inside the office. This way, working can always be full of fun and adventures.

Do you want to create something extraordinary and creative at your workstation? If yes, Dinosaur Office Chair is the best thing you can purchase. 

Just be careful not to use it for an extended period. 

Dinosaur chairs are not the best choice when it comes to ergonomics; so, consider reading our article that focuses on ergonomics.; Home Office Chair with wheels vs without wheels.

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