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Lasers And Crafts Dreamlight Valley: Craft Stone Canvas

Join Eve on a whimsical adventure through time, where crafts and robots come together in Dreamlight Valley.

Travel to the Forgotten Lands and place the Stone Canvas near the destroyed pillar. What secrets await?

To complete the Lasers and Crafts quest, you must talk to Eve and help her. You must collect Plastics, quartz, and Ancient Gemstones to craft the Stone Canvas. Once you complete the quest, Eve becomes a villager.

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The Lasers And Crafts In Dreamlight Valley

Lasers and Crafts is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduced in the A Rift in Time DLC.

It’s part of a questline unlocked after completing the The Future Is Now quest.

Eve provides the Lasers and Crafts and more quests related to time rifts and forgotten relics.

Significantly, to unlock the Eve, you must complete Directive: Danger! Quest.

In this quest, you must craft a Stone Canvas, place it in the Forgotten Lands, and interact with it.

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Complete The Lasers And Crafts Quest

Before starting the Lasers and Crafts quest, you must talk to Eve; only then will you get the quest.

Follow the steps below to complete the quest in Dreamlght Valley:

1. Go To The Secret Garden With Eve

You’ll need to help Eve; therefore, follow Eve to the Secret Garden

Further, use your Watering Can to extinguish the fire inside the garden.

help eve
Talk to Eve to get the quest.

2. Talk To Mirable

Now, ask Eve to fetch plants, visit Mirable, and talk to her.

She will help you with the names of materials: Quartzs, Gem Stones, and Plastics to create a Stone Canvas.

Further, she’ll suggest you to use your Hourglass to search them around Ancient Landing.

talk to mirable
Talk to Mirable

3. Return To Eve

Before collecting the items, go back to Eve and remind her of the project Forgotten.

In the project, Eve used Stone Canvas and her laser to make something beautiful for her and Wall-E. 

4. Find The Ancient Gemstones

Ask Eve to melt the Ancient Gemstones, then go to the Ancient Landing to find them.

Further, collect all the Ancient Gemstones around Q with your Hourglass.

collect all the gemstones to craft Stone Canvas
Collect all the Gemstones with Hourglass.

5. Bring The Ancient Gemstones To Eve

After you collect all the Ancient Gemstones, get back to Eve and follow her to the mystery location to melt them.

melt gemstones in Dreamlight Valley
Melt all the Gemstones

After melting the Gemstones, there’ll be terrifying fire around. Thus, use your Shovel before the Gemstones solidify.

6. Craft The Stone Canvas

Use your Royal Tools: a Watering Can to extinguish the fire and a Shovel to pick up every melted Ancient Gemstone.

crafting recipes
Crafting recipes for Stone Canvas

Finally, go back to the Eve and craft the Stone Canvas with all the items you have collected. 

After you complete the quest, you’ll get rewards such as 500 Star Coins, 20 Dreamlight, and a recipe for the Futuristic Lamp.

The Bottom Line

Upon completing the Lasers and Crafts quest, Eve becomes a villager with whom you can interact and level up your friendship.

When assigned a specific gathering role, Eve can help you collect resources like fish, gems, and flowers.

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