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Discord Username Petition: Fight For Your Identity

Discord is changing its username system and compelling users to pick a unique name without the discriminator.

However, some users feel that they will lose their identity and originality.

A Discord Username Petition is demanding to halt the change and keep the old naming system with discriminator(Discord Tags).

In this article, we will look at the reasons behind the Discord Username Petition and the impact of this on Discord users.

Purpose Of Discord Username Petition

According to Discord’s co-founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Stanislav Vishnevskiy, Discord is changing its username to make it easier for users to connect with their friends and give them control over their identity.

According to him, the old system of using case-sensitive usernames with discriminators is confusing, as many users did not remember their Discord tags.

discord changed username
Discord new username without discriminator (Source: Discord Blog)

However, this has caused a lot of backlash and frustration among the Discord community.

Here are some possible purposes of a Petition against the new naming system of Discord.

  • To preserve the current username system, which enables users to change their username and customize their online identity across multiple communities of their choice.
  • To preserve the risks of impersonation, harassment or confusion that could arise from having a fixed username.
  • To express dissatisfaction with the new naming method without informing its users beforehand.
Note: Discord is rolling out new AI features such as an AI Chatbot, a conversation summarizer, an avatar remixer and an automated AI moderator.

How To Sign Discord Username Petition?

Discord is changing its username system to remove the four-digit discriminator and introduce a new @username.

Users will become eligible to change their username from an old one with tags to a new @username over the coming weeks.

However, some users are uncomfortable with the new naming system as they believe it will take away the uniqueness and identity of Discord.

Follow these steps to sign the Petition below.

  1. First, you must find the Petition page you want to support on Change.Org.
  2. Enter your First, Last name and Email and click the Sign this Petition button.
discord username petition
Click on the sign this Petition button by visiting Change org.
  1. Choose any option, either Share or Contribute Chips.
choose any option share or contribute chips
Choose any option, either the Share or Contribute option.
  1. After clicking on No, I’ll share instead option, share the Petition with others either via the social media platforms mentioned or you can copy the link and share it via other platforms.
share petition link to other
You can share Petitions via a social media platform.

This is how you can sign and share the Discord Username Petition on Change org.

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Discord Username Petition Signed By Users

The announcement of Discord about username change has been criticized by some users who prefer the current system.

They have also expressed concerns about the risk of impersonation and exposure of sensitive information with the system.

Over 10,000 people have signed the Petition started by Fabulous Fox to add back discriminators, which are four-digit numbers, as of May 11, 2023.

This Petition claims that discriminators are the unique feature of Discord, allowing users to identify themself effectively.

This Petition has become one of the most signed on the website.

Around 300 people have signed the Jovo Doe Petition demanding not to remove the discriminator from the username in Discord.

This Petition claims that the proposed replacement display name will not solve the problem of finding friends on Disord.

petition created by Jovo doe
Jovo Doe created this Petition demanding not to remove the discriminator from the username in Discord.

Similarly, 41 people have signed the Petition created by Beast RG demanding to stop the Discord Username change.

petition created by Beast RG
Beast RG created this Petition demanding to stop the Discord username change.

Correspondingly, many users have signed the Discord Username Petition to stop Discord from changing the number tags or discriminator.

Users have been claiming that this is a horrible idea and fear that they will lose their original usernames.

The Bottom Line

The main motto of the Discord Username Petition is to stop the app from adding a new username feature.

It is unclear if it will work; the outcome depends on how Discord developers respond.

Yet, you can sign the Petition if you want to voice your opinion against the new Discord naming system.

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